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Saturday, April 2, 2016

The first quarter is over so the SarahPac report will be coming out soon

It will be interesting to see how much money she gave to Donald Drumpf.

And Sarah is so desperate for money she used Ted Cruz for grifting

Hopefully she will be in the negative digits.


  1. The PAC has until the end of April to file. They typically file a few days before the deadline.

    Watch the Open Secrets website for the report; they will post very shortly after it's filed with the FEC.

    Or, go to
    Enter SarahPAC in the SEARCH box; click on the result for SarahPAC.

  2. Dumbass sarah could've added Jill the Wonder Dog onto her PAC 'payroll' in some underhanded capacity(administration?) to grift even more.
    Stupid Sarah, stayed spun all weekend long and shot the dog to death didncha!

  3. In keeping with past filings, she should be down to about $100K by now. If not, someone is padding her. She simply does NOT have the following that she would like everyone to think.


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