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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Track Palin has a hearing today

Track will be on court again today regarding the charges that he beat up Jordan.

Things have gotten so bad that Britta Hansen his ex-wife got his visitation with Kyla limited

Radaronline is reporting that after Track Palin’s recent arrest, his ex-wife became concerned and is taking him back to court for a custody modification. Track Palin’s ex-wife, Britta Hanson, is concerned for the safety of her four-year-old daughter, Kyla Grace, and wants to limit Track Palin’s exposure to her.

Hansen wants Palin to only see Kyla four days a month, with no overnights. The schedule will rotate, per Track Palin’s work schedule, and he will have Kyla four days a month for eight hours at a time.

This new agreement was put before the court and agreed upon and signed by both parents. Track Palin’s domestic violence case was continued until next month, but Palin is officially charged with “assault in the fourth degree and recklessly injuring, interfering with the report of a domestic violence crime, and possession of a firearm while intoxicated.”

Hanson explained that she is on speaking terms with Track Palin, but the only thing they discuss is the care of their daughter.

16 hours a month, that is not a lot.  So it makes me wonder if he really did beat up Todd the night of the "accident" and Britta had enough.

Actually I'm surprised Track sees Kyla at all.  And what kind of job does he have anyway?


  1. The domestic violence incident is sufficient to limit Track's access to his little daughter. Who was watching over the children the night that Track was wandering drunkenly around the house and grounds with a loaded gun? What would stop him from assaulting someone in the presence of his child? Track and Jordan were reportedly drinking with Bristol at her house prior to the incident? Where were the kids? Was Piper their only protector/caretaker that night? It would be foolhardy to allow overnight visits until he has been through alcohol and drug treatment and anger management and demonstrated sobriety and ability to control his temper.

  2. 4X8=32 hrs. But yeah, restrict his access. He's a twat.

    1. You say 32 hrs and SPHASH says 16 hours.

      F*ck the math, everyone knows Palins always quit.

  3. Does anyone know if Track actually visits with the child?

    The fact that he is permitted a certain number of visits each month doesn't mean he visits. I suspect he's mostly a no-show. In fact, for the sake of the child and Britta, I hope he stays away -- he has nothing positive to offer.

  4. I wonder what mishap will befall the Palin family today. It seems that there is something that takes obscures these court appearances by Track every time. Last time it was Todd's "accident." What will it be today?

  5. Fu_k Track Palin. He's the biggest pussy in the Palin clan which is saying something when Todd is nothing more than a pathetic phony purse gopher

  6. Oh, yeah. I'm sure Track has a job.
    Like:"Hey! Track! Clean out the garage while you're out there, woodja?"
    (Says Sarah.)
    No answer.


  7. Hearing continued, again, until May.

  8. didn't he have another court appearance 5/25/16? What happened?


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