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Monday, April 25, 2016

Will Sarah Palin campaign for John McCain this year?

From Rachel Maddow's blog

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) told CNN yesterday that Republicans thinking about skipping the party’s national convention in July should think again. “I think that we should go,” Ryan said. “This is our convention making our nominee, so I think everybody should participate.”

The Speaker added, “It could be a great historical exercise. I mean, it could be something you’ll remember the rest of your life.” Note, memorable things are not always positive.

Around the same time, however, Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.), chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, told The Hill that vulnerable GOP incumbents might want to skip this year’s gathering, looking instead for “more unifying events” where there’s less likelihood of a “brouhaha.”

John McCain has apparently decided to listen to Wicker and ignore Ryan. Politico reported late yesterday:
The 2008 Republican presidential nominee will not attend the party’s national convention in July. Arizona Sen. John McCain told reporters Tuesday that he may forgo attending what’s expected to be a contested convention this summer in order to campaign for his Senate seat.

“I have to campaign for reelection, and I have always done that when I’m up,” McCain said.
Point of fact: McCain’s claim isn’t true. The last time the Arizona Republican was up for re-election during a presidential election year, he not only attended the party’s national convention, he delivered a high-profile speech celebrating George W. Bush. For the senator to say he’s “always” skipped the convention when he’s up is wrong.

But even putting that aside, there are a couple of angles to this. The first is the prospect of a toxic Republican convention, which leading party officials want no part of, and which they will take care to avoid. We don’t yet know how the Republican presidential nominating process will play out, but there’s a real chance of a contested convention – at which things may get ugly.

One Republican senator has already said he’s prepared to skip the GOP gathering, fearing for his personal safety, and some additional Republican members of Congress have said they’ll stay home, not wanting to be associated with a convention that elevates Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.

Right now John is in a tight race for his Senate seat against Kelli Ward and Ann Kirkpatrick.  if he is smart he won't let Skanky anywhere near him.


  1. I seriously doubt John McCain would have the idiot Sarah Palin campaign for him. Look at the experiences he's already had with her! She would be the kiss of death!

    But, it would be fun watching him go down for good!

  2. Hi SPHASH! I highly doubt that will happen anytime soon. Remember, she went "rogue" on McCain - on her trip to HI, she wore the visor hat with Mccain's name blacked out. She succeeded in stirring the loins of Kristol, et al, on the cruise ship in '07. Thigh-high tight skirts, lipstick, Naughty Monkeys, lip-licking and winking only get you so far. When they seen how she caved under pressure, and how totally clueless she was, they knew then that the campaign was dooomed!!

  3. Who is Spash? I see Anonymous! Plus, your response has nothing to do with what was said under the message of 2:12 PM!

  4. SPASH=Sarah Palin Has a Serpent's Heart

  5. Has Sarah sold her Arizona house yet? She could support John McCain for Senate by hosting a fundraiser!

    People could eat homemade moose chili, pet Priscilla and step on Jill Hadassah. Also too, they can play the guess how many dents on the refrigerator game and place bets on where Track does his time if he's convicted.

    Jello wrestling and atomic wedgies after the old farts leave.


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