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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Wisconsin is having it's primary today

Today Wisconsin is having it's primary for both parties.

It's weird regarding my neighbors to the east.  Wisconsin was a integral part in the union fight yet they elect douchebags like Scott Walker and Paul Ryan.

Oh and Donald let Sarah out of her cage to stump for him in Cheesehead country:

Just touched down in the great state of Wisconsin to ‪#‎Stump4Trump‬! Wisconsin's middle class has been hurt by DC politicians' out-of-touch policies worse than any other state - 100,000 jobs lost to Mexico and China thanks to trade deficits with countries that cheat on our "agreements."
Donald J. Trump has fought for American workers and against trade deficits for decades in the private sector, unlike his competitors who actually support Obama's reckless TPP and TPA deals that are entirely unfair to the U.S. worker! As President he'll bring manufacturing jobs back home; his interests are OUR interests, and his trade policies will finally put America first. Watch this clip of Donald Trump 20 years ago standing up for American workers! 🇺🇸👷🏼 ‪#‎jobs‬ #jobs #jobs

Of course Sarah made an ass out of herself in Wisconsin over the weekend.  More on that in this afternoon's post.


  1. Jill must be watching the kids?

    1. Good. That will work better than any other babysitters they have tried.


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