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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Bernie Sanders flip flops on Hillary Clinton

First Bernie says he will support Hillary if she gets the nomination, now this:

Fresh off a big win in the West Virginia primary, Sen. Bernard Sanders‘ campaign said Wednesday the Democratic Party would be courting “disaster” if it nominates Hillary Clinton as its presidential nominee.

In a fundraising email to supporters, Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver cited recent polls showing the Vermont senator performing better against Republican Donald Trump in general election match-ups. Recent surveys have shown Mrs. Clinton virtually tied with Mr. Trump in the key battleground states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida.

Citing those troubling figures, Mr. Weaver said the Democratic Party — and its superdelegates who are free to support either candidate — must reject Mrs. Clinton and embrace Mr. Sanders, or face a crushing defeat in November.

I wish Bernie would do the right thing and give up.  But he won't.


  1. Mary in San AntonioMay 15, 2016 at 4:41 PM

    And Bernie-bots completely overlook the reason he polls higher than Hillary against Trump - the fact that he has not been getting the smears, lies and innuendo about him that Hillary has faced for 30 years. The fact that she is still standing strong in spite of it shows she is one tough woman. Can Bernie handle all the opposition research if he gets the nomination? I doubt it.

  2. That being said, what Nevada did yesterday was a tragedy.
    Let the people vote; it is our right whether or not our voices are heard. -- Non Bernie Bot

  3. The people already voted, months ago.

    But as long as any vote doesn't confirm Bernie Sanders as the winner it's wrong, corrupt, rigged, bla bla bla blaaaaa

    Those Sanders freaks are so deeply in denial now that they're resorting to fisticuffs LOL and all for the laziest man in the US Senate... and now one of the greediest, gifting together with his grasping wife.

  4. Bernie is the only honest, non-sociopath in the D party. He needs to run Indep to kill the D party and force a new ruling party in. Intelligent Ds don't support the likes of the Clintons.

  5. No voting for me this year.

  6. What tailher1 said, except I would add "bitter" to the epithet.

    I wonder what he'll do when it's all over for him.


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