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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Donald Trump will meet with Paul Ryan today

Today House Speaker Paul Ryan will meet with Donald Trump to discuss the convention and air any differences, which there are plenty of.

I have a feeling Ryan will be a pussy and cave in to Donald.  What do you all think?


  1. Agree w/you, SPHASH!

  2. Yes, Ryan will fall on his knees and kiss Trump's $400 shoes, probably even offer to shine them up for him. "Yessir, Mr. Trump. Of course I support you sir. Whatever you say, Mr. Trump, or should, I just call you Your Highness?" Pitiful.

  3. Agreed. He will cave, and for that, he will be rewarded with some kind of promis for some kind of position in Trump's 'cabinet'.

  4. Looks like vampire kid Eddy from "The Munsters" will cave to Biff from "Back To The Future."

    Both are bloodsuckers for power... so why not? That's why Sarah is even mentioned anymore. She fits in the greed and willful ignorance equation. No doubt she is weirdly concocted in the looks department, but nobody has found a part for her yet.

    Such drama!


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