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Friday, May 27, 2016

Flashback Friday: Housegate


  1. That reminds me; the monstrosity in Arizona hasn't sold yet, so that's another millstone hanging around their neck. Even if they're not living in it, they have to pay property taxes on it and have electricity running to it.

  2. Electricity TO it doesn't amount to anything. However, she will be stupid enough to not run the AC (or maybe swamp cooler) on a house in the desert.The heat damage will be amazing.

  3. 29005 N. 82d St., Scottsdale AZ.

    6 bedrooms, 6.5 baths, 7,971 square feet

    On the market for 156 days.

    Priced at $2,375,000 in a neighborhood where the MEDIAN home price is $780,000 and the market is rated as COLD.

    Property taxes are $8,763 annually -- that's $730.25 per month. Even if they paid cash for the house and there's no mortgage payment, they still are paying: -- electricity and other utilities (can't cut off the water and gas if the house is to be shown);
    -- maintenance (clean the pool, general clean-up; I think it has AstroTurf, so no lawn mowing);
    -- homeowner's association fees;
    -- insurance;
    -- have I left out anything?,-111.392785,33.427429,-112.285424_rect/10_zm/2_p/?3col=true

    1. Thanks for a really great summary, Old Redneck! I always like to read your stuff.

      I don't think you really left anything out. However, I imagine there would need to be some sort of housecleaning to knock back the accumulated dust if on the rare occasion the house had some looky-lou's. And you know it aint scarrrrah or any of her brats doin' the cleaning!!! Ergo, palins must pay someone to keep dust and spider webs from building up in that monstrosity of a house. And I bet that the pool is not filled up. Wonder what water costs there in the desert? And how much $$ to fill the pool just one time?

      Stupid idiot, paying all that money for that ugly ass house, and all on a whim. Hope she chokes each time she has to make out a check for HOA fees, property taxes, etc.
      By the way our property tax on our house FOR THE YEAR costs less than one month of prop. tax on her hideous Arizona mausoleum. We have a nice house, too.

  4. An empty house, valued that high, also needs security. So, they also have the extra expense of having to pay a security firm to monitor the premises.


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