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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Happy Birthday Levi Johnston!

From Sunny's Facebook page

Happy 26th birthday Levi!  Let's hope you get to spend the day with Tripp and the rest of your lovely family.

At 26 years old he is much more mature than Bristol, and even more mature than Sarah at 52.


  1. He's getting better with age unlike that nasty cunt whom he almost married.

  2. Levi don't know it, but he'll look even better at 36, I'm sure. Best still, by then Tripp'll be a teenager, have privatized his own relationship with Dad, and will be able to decipher when Mom is pumping him for information that's none of her business. Maybe still somewhat tough now, but Levi and son are gonna land on their feet just fine.

  3. Tripp is fortunate that he has one decent parent, who has a good heart, strong work ethic and is also dedicated to his family. I admire how he landed on his feet, rather than getting swept up in the b.s. in Hollywood and remaining there, trying to earn a living. His main concern has been his family for all these years. Too bad that Bristol will never learn a thing from him but Tripp will have the opportunity.

    I get so pissed at Bristol and Sarah when I think of Levi having to explain what happened between him and Bristol to Tripp in a few years when he starts hearing about how his father allegedly "stole Bristol's virginity" and how she was just a shy, innocent, little girl being taken advantage of...yech!! Karma is a bitch, Bristol & Sarah. It looks like she's already reminding you of the fact with grandchild #5 on the way, just another one conceived due to your abstinence philosophy, Sarah. How's that working out for ya?!


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