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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Jordan Loewe is knocked up, but is Track the father?

And the rumor according to Politicalgates has been confirmed-Jordan is pregnant!

She is registered at Babys R Us and has a a due date of October 7.  Which means Track Jr. was conceived New Years Day.

This may be why they went to Hawaii in March, they eloped.  If so at least Track has the decency to marry before the baby arrives unlike his sister.

For Sarah and Todd that is a minimum of four grandbabies conceived before marriage.  Not a good track record, pun intended.

According to  Alaska Courtview Track is due back in court today.  How much you want to bet his hearing will be rescheduled?


  1. He has been running from his crime for months now, there's no reason that Mama Greasy can't arrange for her Little Chicken to run some more.

    Yes, Track is the father. Their big fight was about her talking to her ex boyfriend, not her having ex sex. Jordan is madly, badly, sadly in love with Track Palin and wouldn't look at another man.

    She deserves him, she knows the difference between right and wrong and she's old enough to know what the Palins are. She is going to be utterly miserable around that coven of cheap wannabes doing nothing but painting their faces and texting. Jordan had ambitions once, and she just graduated college. Too bad there's no place for someone like her in that family.

    1. Jordan is a lush. She would certainly do other men when she is loaded. Track would know that. I agree she is madly, badly, sadly in love with Track Palin. She does not need to look at the men she has sex with, she may not even remember them.

      I don't know who is the father. I doubt if Jordan knows for certain. I am not at all convinced it is Track Palin.

  2. Any woman that returns to her abuser is a FOOL.
    Knocked up or not.

  3. No, not a fool. If she returns, he may again abuse her. If she doesn't return, he may kill her.

  4. What an idiot.You think an abused woman should return to her abuser so he won't kill her? Because abusers never kill their wives and girlfriends who stay with them?

  5. There are many girls like Jordan. Both Track and Jordan are very troubled sick people with lifelong struggles. Jordan is in her early twenties. There are abused women that are 2 or 3 times her age and still taking the abuse from men like Track. Granted he sounds worse than many abusers, his problems will escalate faster. The part that got me was how he terrorized the young pregnant Jordan and how that is almost swept under the rug.

    Yes, punching and that part is really bad. To me the assault weapon and domestic terrorizing is much worse than the punching he did. In a gazillion years I can not imagine having a daughter that would go back to a monster like that. I don't care how famous his parents are or how much money she thinks they have to set them up, buy him a house for the guns and to do Track's thing. The loser has never had a job.

    1. This is the comment that seems to best describe the relationship between Jordan and Track. They are both very troubled sick people with lifelong struggles. We know that Track has abused drugs and alcohol. From Jordan's facebook photos, it was pretty clear that she enjoyed posing with a bottle of alcohol in a bar. I don't know if drugs also played a part in her life, but she seemed to brag about partying, being drunk and posing for inane photos of partying and being drunk. She also traveled widely while she was relatively young, so I assume that wealthy parents paid for her trips. She struck me as being a Wild Child. She might have even been attracted to Bad Boys, maybe because that nice guy would get tired of her wild antics and drinking. Maybe she thought that she could "cure" Track and that might in some way be healing to herself. Or maybe she found someone who was as mad at the world as she was and used alcohol as a way to numb the pain. At least they enjoyed partying together.

      It is pretty clear that once a guy beats up a gal, she should get away as fast as she can. When there were guns and police involved, those are two more serious warning signs to get away even faster. I am trying to figure out why Jordan was attracted to the Palin Family. She also hung around with Willow and the rest of them. She and Track were drinking at Bristol's house before the big blow up. Was Jordan attracted to the Palins because of their "celebrity" or did she just like living dangerously? Whatever the reason, Jordan has some serious issues that she has been covering up by acting as the Wild Child. There is something wrong when she goes back to the guy who physically abused her. We know that Track has never dealt with the problems that led him to drink, drugs and vandalism. Having his child won't change Track. Advice for Jordan: Ask Britta how that turned out.

  6. I'm a mental health counselor with 15 years of experience working in the field of domestic violence, from many different angles. Leaving an abuser is far from easy. It's dangerous, expensive,upends a family, takes very careful planning, like, now what? How can the children be taken care of? The devil you know is better than the devil you don't know. No one knows how dangerous it is except, hopefully, the person going through it. Maybe the person needs a safety plan you could help with. Most important is to let the person know that you understand how hard it is, and that you won't judge the decision about leaving/not leaving. No one can have advice on whether to leave or not, beyond that you support him/her in whatever decision is made. We need to use our empathy with people in situations like this, imagining how it would feel to be such trouble. Afraid comes to mind very fast. Angry. Grief-stricken. Ashamed. Judgmentalism from others only makes the whole thing worse. It's better to try to understand and help -- or at least be educated -- than to condemn.

    1. So true Martha. Jordan does have advantages, like a wealthy family that can understand her mental/emotional issues. There were no known children in January. She had options when she found out about the babies. She had a window of opportunity since he was arrested.

      Her family and friends took her to a ski resort where they all gave up drinking for 30 days. It was tough, I don't know how that went for them. She and Track were living with his parents and did not have their own place to divide up. They were made comfortable and told they can have their own house. The fact he has no job and how he can support a family is not something they seem to deal with.

      None of her advantages are of much help because she is still doggedly in love with her abuser. It is hard to get it across to a teen or immature 20 something what the cycle of abuse is.

    2. I have a 72+ y/o former coworker who had four children with her husband. They came from Iran, where her husband had been some type of big honcho, supervising/running some business with over 1500 people. They were/are quite well-to-do. Unfortunately, their youngest son had severe health issues that could not be treated/adressed in Iran, so she decided to come to the US. Her husband and other (teen-aged) children came with her.
      Once they settled in the US, her husband decided that he would not lift a finger, would not find work, would not support his family. It was all up to the woman to get education in order to find a decent paying job where she could support her kids and herself. Her husband used his own fortune for himself. She is still working now at this advanced age, because her husband does not have any health insurance, and is sick with cancer and other health issues.
      She hates him, but sticks with him. He takes every penny she makes, and when she needs to go grocery shopping, she has to beg him for money for the groceries and for gas. She has to account for every penny she spends - even though it is actually her own money. When they went for a visit to Iran, he forbade her to talk to her own sister and her mother, except outside the house, in a coffee shop. (Her mother and sister somehow live in the same house, but on a different level, like his family.)
      He is basically a sick old (84 y/o) tyrant, and she is stuck with him, because he holds the purse strings.

      Not easy to get out of a relationship once you are together for years.

    3. AnonymousMay 10, 2016 at 3:42 PM

      Jordan was lucky not to have all those issues. She is young. Her big problem is Jordan.

      Track is unnaturally attached to his disturbed symbiotic family. Young immature Jordan is pig headed and stuck being attached to a 27 year old clinging baby that wants to shoot things up with an AK-15. That is when he is not beating on family or other people.


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