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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Josh Duggars wants his reality show back

From Cafemom

Of all the terrible ideas in the world, this is up near the top. Josh Duggar reportedly wants his own reality show, and we're having a hard time trying to understand why anyone would think this is a good idea.

The former 19 Kids and Counting star was released from nearly seven months in rehab only weeks ago, but according to a source close to the family, he's already itching to get in front of the camera again. 

The insider revealed to Us Weekly, "Josh is determined to fix his image so he can make a comeback. He'll stop at nothing to get back in front of the cameras again, especially because he's broke and has no prospect of work. ... Getting another reality show is the only way he can think of to make real money."

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Last we heard, Josh was working at the family's used car lot, and basically just trying to get back to normal. His wife Anna stuck by his side throughout his molestation scandal and then when his infidelity was exposed, publicly stating several times that she was praying that God would restore her marriage. 

It's been a tough reentry to normal life for the former family values advocate, so we're taking the news that he wants to return to reality TV with a grain of salt.

The insider said, "Josh is having Anna reach out to people like Dr. Phil and Megyn Kelly so he can have his mea culpa moment. If that goes well and people are sympathetic towards him, he is sure he can convince TLC to give him and Anna a spin-off -- something to do with healing their marriage within the Christian faith."

What good could possibly come from this? The people who can't stand Josh won't want to watch, and the people who are rooting for him and Anna are likely more inclined to believe that the two should stay out of the public eye for the time being.

No matter how you look at it, it just seems like a terrible idea.

Unfortunately our society is too forgiving.  You fuck up, plead mea culpa, beg for forgiveness and society forgives you.  Blech!  Some things are forgivable, but child abuse is not.


  1. How convenient that he doesn't worship a god who, for instance, thinks an extended sampling of poverty and humility might be just the suitable penance for Josh.

  2. Anna: go to "" and read closely. Run, do not walk, away from this creep.

    Don't let yourself and your children be used by this hypocrite any longer. Separate yourself from his whole family as soon as you can. They're all a bunch of sanctimonious hypocrites, and they should be quarantined from decent people.

    1. I agree with you, but remember, this is an uneducated Quiverfull woman whose only job in this life is to keep her husband happy and bear his children. Oh, and help him revive his all-American boy image after the horrendous things he has done. Frankly, his 8 months in rehab is a joke-8 months with a family friend on a farm is not rehab. It's a vacation. The only thing Josh regrets is getting caught and publicly shamed. He hasn't changed. Sex addicts don't change. And little Anna was probably way too pure and boring for someone who would diddle with his sleeping sisters. This whole enterprise is sick, and Anna's children will be the ones who suffer. TLC should be taken off the air if they continue to enable this s horrible family. Need money, Josh? Find a job...a real job.


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