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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Let's dissect this picture shall we?

From Sarah's Fecebook page

4 generations: Aysa, Lauden, Willow Bianca, Heather, Aksel, McKinley, Jordan, Charlie, Sally, Karen, Trig, Piper Indi Grace, Molly, Bristol, Sailor Grace, Sarah

How many of the nine adults in that picture conceived a baby out of marriage?  At least six.

Sally (by Chuckie Sr)
Sarah (by Curtis Menard or Todd)
Molly (by Mike Wooten)
Bristol (by Levi and Dakota for sure)
Karen (by Chuckie Jr)
Jordan (by Track)

Not 100% sure on Lauden although it wouldn't surprise me if she did.  If anyone can confirm it that would be great.

Not a very good track record in the Heath family.  I don't care if they have premarital sex or not, just use birth control before you get married!  Also don't preach abstinence and family values when you have none.

By the way where are Trig and Tripp in that picture?  If Aksel gets to be in the pic so should they.


  1. Tripp isn't there....but Trig is.....on Sally's left next to the red sweater, over the pink flowers.

  2. Tripp may have been spending the weekend with Levi and Sunny and their two little girls.

    Speaking of which -- Does everyone recall back when, after Levi and Sunny were married, they announced Sunny was pregnant. Bristol immediately chimed in, pissing and moaning about how, if Levi was going to have children by Sunny, then, Tripp would have all sorts of "half-siblings" running around Wasilla.

    Well, now that Track's girlfriend Jordan is knocked up, looks as though Tripp will have a bunch of half-cousins to go with his half-siblings.

    Is THIS what Alaskans do during that six months of darkness?

  3. And remember Brisdull threw a hissy-fit that Duhkota was getting Sailor on M. Day. But her older son was with STEP mom and Levi on MD. She's so transparent.

    1. "It's fucking Mother's Day! MY day, assholes!"
      -- Brissy Pissy Palin

      Don't think she didn't!

  4. Kyla is not in the picture either along with Tripp and Tristan. It looks like Sarah loathes her former daughter-in-law Britta.

  5. I wonder if the little girl in the lower right corner is Tristan, the DWTS baby.

    1. Oh duh. I meant lower left as you look at it.

  6. Who in hell is that person wearing a bathroom rug in the lower right corner? WTF kind of fugly wig is that? It's almost black!

    Old enough to be Sally by the looks of her

  7. Sailor in her shitted-up pants...

    Tripp was with his step-mom Sunny, and his dad Levi.
    DumbKotex seems was in Bar$tool's house - at least in her bathroom...

  8. More buns in the oven than a Sarah Lee bakery!


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