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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Levi is still on the hook for $62000 thanks to Bristol

From People

Looks like a win for Bristol Palin. 

Her former fiancé Levi Johnston has reportedly been ordered by a judge to pay the mother of two $61,915.20 in back child support for their 7-year-old son, Tripp, according to TMZ. 

Palin's apparent child support victory is the latest development in a years-long and sometimes bitter custody battle between the ex-couple, who in February were finally awarded joint custody of their son. 

"I'm so happy to have my son in my life, and to put all of this back in (sic) forth in the courts behind me," Johnston, 26, wrote in a Facebook post at the time. "It might have taken me 7 years and cost me around $100,000 in lawyer fees, spread out among 3 different lawyers, as well as a lot of patience, but it was all worth it." 

Johnston added that he did "owe some back child support," noting that he had already paid a total of $50,000 since Tripp was born in 2008. "At the end of the day I know I have worked hard to meet my obligations as a father," he said at the time. 

Though Johnston won joint custody after filing a petition in 2013, Palin, 25, said in February that she did not see the outcome of the legal battle as a loss. 

"These babies are my world and I will always be doing what is best for them. Every child deserves two loving parents, so I will continue to encourage that no matter what," she wrote on Instagram. "I have never, and will never, keep them from having a positive relationship with their fathers. I did not 'lose' any custody case - my son has always spent most of his time with me and he will continue to do so, he is happy, healthy, and knows both of his parents love him.. Matthew 5:11." 

Considering how much he has paid so far I think that is $61,000 too much.  I'm totally for cracking down on parents who do not pay child support, but Bristol really took Levi to the cleaners on this one.

Speaking of Bristol looks like she is trying to get her hooks back into Dakota:

Dakota you really are a fucktard.  Hope the pussy is worth it.


  1. His teeth look as fake as her chin.

  2. SarahPAC is almost broke so Bristol will soon lose that financial "support"/hush money.

    Sarah has essentially given Trig back to Bristol, except to borrow Trig for a recent photo op with Donald Trump.

    Dim, lazy, uneducated and cruel Bristol is trying to increase her income the only way she knows how, by using two of her many children against their fathers.

    I still don't believe that Dakota is Sailor's bio father, but he must have hidden reasons for what he is doing in regard to this child.

    Christian family values my a$$. Bristol is just as big a hypocrite as her mother...that she did learn well.

    1. I agree that Dakota is probably not Sailor's father. But we haven't seen Dakota in serious relationships with women, other than the time he got married when he was 19 years old. In all of the thousands of google images, there was a short lived girl fried and someone who appeared at charity events with him. So, it makes him look really macho to have fathered a child.

      Dakota may still have political ambitions and he sees Sarah as a ticket to the Trump bunch. Dakota has posted comments supporting Trump, and we just saw Sarah and family with Trump in San Diego. In the world of politics, it would look better for Bristol to be married than to be the single unwed mother of two children. In 2008, Sarah hinted that Bristol and Levi were going to get married, so that made her pregnancy all right. But you can only play that card so many times.

    2. Yeah, I'd say she's overplayed that hand!
      Buyer beware!

  3. Bristol doesn't care if Levi and his family are going to have to live in squalor conditions even if they have to sell everything and live on food stamps because she needs those child support payments to finance her luxurious lifestyle. She uses religion to justify her cruel treatment towards her son's father, stepmother and sisters, and only a scumbag would do that. Karma has no deadline and it's going to bite her in the ass.

    1. Where is the law in all this? I am surprised at such a court order. I don't know how it works.

    2. I don't think we should fret. Levi is probably playing along as the bad guy for his own paycheck. If he isn't just playing, then he really is a stupid guy. Spill the secrets. man.
      There is no other explanation.
      Or he is really stooopid.

  4. They both deserve each other as far as I'm concerned. I'm surprised he hasn't contracted an STD with as many dicks as Bristol's had in her.

    1. We don't know he hasn't, but some things don't show up right away.

    2. It's very possible that the kid got herpes from its mom. Remember the herpes eye and lip from sailor's newborn pix? Payme's forgot to photoshop that part out.

      A little herpes is the LEAST that kid has to worry about.

  5. This is sick. Perhaps Levi could arrange to pay $100 a month for 620 months?

    1. Yes, what a winner he would be to pay the 6% as long as possible. To each his own but Bristol did have someone sharp enough to know a bank only pays about 1%.

      If I had $62,000 to invest, I would go with the 6% plan.

  6. Levi did Sarah a big favor by going to the RNC and pretending he was engaged to Bristol. It was so obvious he didn't want to go. A young, shy, self-confessed redneck.

    Also, Levi knows Sarah faked her pregnancy with Trig. All he has to do is write a "truthful" book about the Palins and what went on at the convention. Wouldn't that bring in the bucks? He even said on TV he had a lot on Sarah.

    But he won't. You know why? By accident, Levi and the Johnstons all got involved. Now, he can't talk because he went on all those TV shows, made thousands telling lies, and incriminated himself. The Johnstons couldn't keep their stories straight. Lie after lie.

    This bantering over child support has been going on for years and it's all B.S. They use it as an excuse to create drama and keep their names in the news.


    1. I agree 100%.
      However, he was young then and coerced.
      He is really crazy for not spilling it all.
      Why does he let Bristol call him a rapist and trash him repeatedly??
      Only explanation.
      Or triG got the triG from Levi, not maternal non-dysjunction!

  7. OFF-TOPIC: Remember this? Bristol Palin demonstrates her skills at baking . . .

    Notice the cans on the counter in front of the "home-baked cake with home-made frosting . . . "

  8. How does this make the Marine look good?

    He needs to disassociate himself from any and all inappropriate press that is connected to Bristol. Check out TMZ and the others that are disparaging Levi Johnston with Bristol winning her support payments.

    Her 'win' sounds like a court sanction theft of 6% interest. That is not even the $60K that was overkill. A decent and fair judge would not have done that. But they can say she won and Levi lost. It sounds good for the Palins.

    If I made up with an EX that had my baby I might go on a hike with baby and pose for a happy co-parent picture.

    If later that was used in an article to bash another EX I think I would scream from the highest mountain I was used to look like I was part of dumping on another person in my same situation.

    For the kids I would want the other co-parent to look and be more equal. Not one of us dumping chit the other one and making them a loser deadbeat in a case that could bankrupt the other family.

    Is Dakota in on the schemes to destroy the Johnston family?

    Bristol is not only doing what she does to hurt Levi, she knows this hurts Sunny and the baby girls. It hurts family. She knows it hurts Tripp when his family is so deeply and unfairly hurt.

    I would really like to know why Dakota is going along with the destruction to the Johnstons. Is anyone asking him?

    Dakota may not have thought things out when he posed in scenic Alaska. He can figure it out now.

    He should know what a lubber lout he looks like when he, in anyway, lets a Palin use him to dump her chit on another EX.

    Dakota needs a hard long talking to ASAP.

    1. Seriously, what man in their right mind would marry Bristol? Talk about baggage, and she'll do to any man what she's doing to Levi and MOH without batting an eyelash. She's in for one lonely existence.

      Never get involved with a Palin. EVER.

    2. What kind of judge grants an unemployed, high school dropout with four children from previous relationships and earns $5,000 a week the right to collect $62,000 worth of child support payments from her ex who doesn't have half her wealth? I think Levi must say "no" to Bristol and tell her to go to hell.

    3. 5K a week?
      Wish I made 5 k a week.
      I have 31 years experience in my field and am in a PhD program.
      I don't make 5k a week lol!


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