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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Malia Obama will attend Harvard

As you all know Malia Obama has decided to enroll at Harvard in the fall of 2017.  She graduates from Sidwell Friends school this spring but will take a "Gap" year before enrolling.

Congrats to Malia!  She will have a lot of opportunities.  Taking a gap year will be beneficial for her as she can explore the world, do volunteer work, and work a job.  Also when she begins Harvard she will no longer be the President's daughter which will allow her to have a normal life.

President and Mrs Obama have done a great job of raising her and Sasha.  Too bad a certain politician didn't do the same with her kids.  I guess to Sarah Palin only low lifes like the Roosevelts and Kennedys go to Harvard while her daughters go to Penrose Beauty Academy.


  1. I'm suprised she didn't select the penrose academy of losers and hair like the Palin whores did.

    Malia is a nice, educated young lady from a good family who will have many choices ahead of her in her life.

  2. Honestly, I'd take a gap year as well. President and First Lady Obama have explained it as after he leaves office, that they want to have some family time together after all they've been through before she enters the next phase of her life.

    What a gracious, loving family and will stay in DC until Sasha graduates with the friends she's come to know and love.

  3. I cringe to think about the next presidential speech to come after this great man leaves the WH. Regardless of the awful things said about him and his family, he's always shown remarkable restraint as a true leader. I will miss him beyond words. In all the years I've lived through various presidents, not one of them comes close to President Barack Obama. Not even JFK and I loved him as well.

    The massive resistance to his presidency is unmatched in our history. He was immediately rejected by the republicans but also in that mix were racists who hated him simply for the color of his skin. He'll go down in history as one of the greatest men ever to hold office. :-(

  4. @Sharon. I agree! "He'll go down in history as one of the greatest men ever to hold office." ;-) ;-) ;-)

  5. I may not agree with the president but at least he did a good job with his daughter who didn't become a pregnant teenager or dropped out of high school like the rotten Palin kids.


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