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Monday, May 9, 2016

Monday Meme

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  1. $tupid $arah, you can install your Belmont tit-bags, tape on your azz pads, cover your face in lip slime, and pick any fugly wig from your collection of dead skunks, but you aren't doing a fucking thing to help that disgusting fat pig DrumpF.

    You lost him Iowa and Wisconsin and you couldn't even give him the state that hates you most (Alaska).

    But you are so desperate for air time, that you'll deal with all the travel and bullsh*t just to show up and spin your pasties for that fat pig DRumpF, who has zero chance of winning a general election.

    You lost in 2008
    You quit in 2009
    Your reality shows failed
    Your blood libel really showed us what a viciously stupid, and racist pig you are.
    Your brawl with the kids was a perfect show of "family values"
    You failed to run in 2012
    Your favorite abstinence preacher had yet another out wedlock kid.

    Your Queen Esther myth is dead!!!!!!

    Where is Mary Glazier and her prophecies about how you'd be President?

    Your last few "speeches" for Drumpf were so bad that many conservatives thought you were drunk.

    Wake up and smell the zombie $arah, DrumpF is walking dead, and you've been that way for 8 years.


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