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Monday, May 16, 2016

Nice to see Dakota Meyer bonding with his daughter

From Dakota's Fecebook page:

I've had a lot of titles but I'll be honest..... Dad is by far my favorite one.
Bristol Palin

Sailor looks like she is enjoying her time with Daddy.  Hopefully that chaps Bristol's ass.

Not sure why Dakota is in Bristol's bathroom.  Is she trying to seduce him?  I think I have seen this before.  Bristol and sex partner have a baby, breakup, fight over the baby, Bristol and sex partner get back together only to break up again.

If Dakota falls for this then he has an IQ of 0.


  1. The baby looks quite comfortable with him, which is good to see.

    I don't think Dakota's going to fall for any more of Bristol Palin's fake engagement stunts.

  2. Ummm, I seem to recall that Tank and Rex were in cahoots with Sarah to ruin Levi. Levi was too young and inexperienced to realized how the Palin clan was using him. If there were any victims in the Levi-Bristol saga, it was Levi, his mother, his sister Sadie and ultimately Tripp.

    Happily, Levi has moved on and has an intelligent, lovely, supportive wife in Sunny, with whom he has two darling daughters.

    I will grant you that Bristol has indeed been victimized countless times, but the only perpetrator is her mother Sarah.

  3. Is he the dad? Or is he just pretending in this dumb charade?


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