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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Now that Sailor is Dakota Meyers daughter, why did he and Bristol break up?

This has been discussed several times but is worth repeating.  Since Sailor is Dakota's daughter, why was the wedding cancelled?

Bristol's "friends" claim Dakota was to controlling.  I think there is more to it.

It's possible Bristol hated living in Kentucky.  Dakota hated her champagne tastes.  Bristol hated his hobbies.  Dakota wanted a wife that would cook and clean and thought Tripp was a brat.

We have also discussed Sailor's birthdate.  Her official birthday is Dec 23 but the date on Bristol's hospital bracelet said Nov 4.  A birthdate of Dec 23 would mean a conception date of March 18 right after they got engaged.  Dakota and Bristol broke up around May 16 so Bristol would have been about two months along.

Now a birthdate of Nov 4 would mean a conception date of around January 28 which would have been when the SHOT show was going on. (Jan 20-23).  Bristol and Dakota met at that time and the infamous picture was taken place:

Bristol, Dakota, and Sarah at the SHOT show

It's possible that Bristol and Dakota fucked the first night they met which would not bode well for either of their images.  That would be a very good reason that they fudged the birthdate.

Then there is the comment that the weekend of Valentines Day in Vegas was when Bristol ruined her life.  Was that the day they made an agreement to date?


  1. wow, anonymous. two posts of pure delusional thinking. what a wierd and impossible scenario you create here. i guess you like fiction because this is some serious fiction.and it's written in the same tone as all the other crap on the other boards. you would think Screech paid you to do this or something.

    1. Who are you replying to?

    2. A troll was here early, Balzafiar.

    3. Hi Alicia - nothing to do since PoG kicked your ass off for trolling?

  2. I believe if we knew why Dwight Meyer was so passionate about the Meyers not saying her name in their home, we would have a big key to this puzzle.

    I feel bad for the way Jean Meyer has been treated. She wants to protect her grandson. She was allowed to comment after Dwight's death. It was as if Sailor was their baby. At that time Bristol was the mean girl twisting things to torment the Meyers. Now Jean is silent and not yet included in the recent publicity about Sailor.

    Bristol would say Dakota had been another deadbeat dad when she was pregnant. Their various versions of events surrounding Sailor's birth makes it impossible to believe anything Dakota or Bristol say. Is Dakota honest with Jean? Will she now be silenced?

    Sarah and Bristol want to keep the secrets (vibrantly private, ya know) about the break up and much more. Dakota agrees with Palins about hiding much of their entire scam.

    What Dwight Meyer took to his grave would shed a great deal of light on it all.

  3. At this point, I don't even care when that baby was conceived. We know the birthdate has been fudged, like everything else about this family. I understand there is even some confusion about which YEAR Bristol was records say one thing; her mother another.
    I'm just glad that they are not in MY family (we have enough drama with half the family thinking the GOP is sane and Christian) and that they will never ever live in Michigan.

  4. It was sweet that Dakota shared with Bristol for mother's day. She was upset to be without the baby girl on that day. He came around to make sure Bristol was happy. Had he not, Bristol would not have been without any of her children.

    I can't imagine why they broke up. I have heard many things. Nothing is conclusive.

    Where is Dakota's mother? Does she care to see her granddaughter? His blood mother, that is. I know he was adopted. I think by Mr. Meyer. Did he have a wife that also adopted Dakota? Is it Dakota's single adoptive father and the grandparents? One has passed and the grandmother is the maternal life in the family? How was her day?

    1. How do YOU know he came around to make her happy? Next sentence makes no sense. You're very weird.

    2. I saw Dakota in her bathroom. Both he and the baby looked happy. You may know more, I hope you will share.

      Bristol looked happy in the mother day pictures at her house. That would have never happened without Dakota.

      He could have kept Sailor to himself and with his family, that is had he flown them to Wasilla to see her for the special day.

  5. Bristol Palin was never going to survive in an environment where she was expected to make her own friends. She isn't well liked anywhere. I'm pretty sure that once Dakota got to know her found it hard to like or respect her.

    It was easy for Bristol to flee home to Alaska with a bun in the oven because she had the cover of a high profile "engagement", no matter how insincere it was. Perhaps her original plan was to go through with the wedding and then run away but it's clear that Bristol wanted the baby but not Dakota.

    And it's not hard to figure that Bristol was insanely jealous of Mrs Levi Johnston having two gorgeous baby girls with her husband... so what would a spoiled and self-obsessed rich girl do?

    And what will Bristol Palin do when Mrs Levi Johnston gives birth to a baby boy and Bristol's son loses the position that enables her to continue tormenting Levi and Sunny?

  6. It's late and I've been consulting with my friend, Jack Daniels. And I got to wondering: Who is dumber:

    1. The Kardashians?

    2. The Duggars?

    3. The Palins?

    1. Alicia Manglesdorf, the current Troll - is the biggest dumbass - she'd win every time.

    2. The trashiest families in America.

  7. I think the Palins have it. The Duggars and the Kardashians seem to have more of a sense as to what their audience wants. The Palins keep thinking that it doesn't matter what they do so long as they post a picture of themselves and refer to others as h8rs. And the Palins don't really know what makes them look bad; the Duggars and the Kardashians appear to have more sense of that.


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