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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Question for Todd and Sarah Palin

Sarah why have you not released Trig's birth certificate?

Todd have you ever been with or hung out with hookers in Anchorage?


  1. $arah hasn't looked like that for the last 6 years.

    She looks 20 years older now. The hate, racism, and consuming interest in her enemies list has taken its toll

  2. You're right! She has aged horribly in 8 years. The bitterness oozes out of her pores.

  3. Nothing soft about her anymore, and her teenybopper style of dress with the gaudy jewelry makes her look even older. All that's missing is a cigarette dangling out of her maw.

  4. Wasn't this picture taken like 3 weeks before she supposedly 'gave birth' to Trig? If so, you should definitely put the date under it, SPHASH!

  5. Very good questions SPHASH!

    When was this picture taken? Baby Ruffle's child support hearing?

    Sarah could do more to look young. Maybe she could try some of that nose jewelry? A little diamond or two on the side of the nostril?

  6. Who's Todd Palin? ;)

  7. Gee! is that a phone in her hand? NAA!

  8. Look at her now, likewise Bristol in the pic below.
    Must be all that values driven,' God fearin.' vibrant living?

  9. What was Todd's blood alcohol level when he crashed the snow machine?

  10. Bristol has not updated her Instagram page for 6/7 days.

    Nancy French has not posted anything to "Bristol's Patheos blog" for 17 days.

    Sarah has not updated her Facebook page for 10 days.

    Several possibilities:
    1. The family is wrapped up in a quickie shotgun wedding for Track and Jordan; or,
    2. Track's hearing didn't go so well and he's in the slammer awaiting his next hearing; or,
    3. SarahPAC is broke and, because she's not being paid, Nancy French quit her ghostwriting gig for the Palin's and they don't have the passwords for the Facebook or Patheos accounts.

    Whatever the reason for the Palin's absence from their usual hangouts, it's a relief.

    1. If Track is in prison then it's Karma for his thuggish behavior not only towards his girlfriend but every person who had been subjected to his violent outbursts at that 2014 party and other occassions.

  11. Well, it hasn't been that long since those 2 grifters have finally STFU but it's a start! I don't want to get too excited though. Those nasty fools will only resurface and ruin everything.

    I'm still wondering if the toad is still among the living. Hmmm.....that bizarre story about the snow machine accident never seemed plausible as everything else in their strange world. It's just way too weird that we haven't seen or heard from the pimp for a long time now.

    Like Bates Motel?


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