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Friday, May 13, 2016

Sailor Palin's last name is now Meyer


Bristol Palin has agreed to her ex-fiancé Dakota Meyer's court petition to have their 4-month-old daughter's last name changed from Palin to Meyer. 

According to court documents obtained by PEOPLE Palin and Meyer's daughter's name is listed as Sailor Grace Palin on her birth certificate, and will now be legally changed to Sailor Grace Palin Meyer. Meyer is also now listed on the baby's birth certificate. 

Palin's lawyer told PEOPLE in a statement: "Bristol consented to the change of name some time ago," adding that both Palin and Meyer are "talking directly and just being parents without involving the lawyers." 

The agreement comes after a months-long custody battle between the ex-couple, who welcomed their daughter in December. In March, an Alaska judge awarded Palin and Meyer joint legal and physical custody of their child and ruled that Meyer, who lives in Kentucky, could visit his daughter twice a month for four consecutive days. 

I'm going to submit the above photo to Awkward Family Photos cuz that is the fakest unity picture I have ever seen.

If Sailor was not Dakota's daughter he would not have gone to all this trouble.  That is my theory.

Anyway, Dakota and Bristol deserve each other.


  1. That photo is right in line with that one of the then-Governor's family standing yards apart from each other and looking every which way. Or any photo of Sarah and Trigg. Or any fish eyes photo of Bristol.

    Either that child is his, or he is concerned for her welfare. Frankly, the way he loves guns, and loves to drink, I'M concerned for her welfare. The poor baby doesn't have a chance, does she?

    1. He's old enough to act responsibly and he has plenty of time for drunken idiot antics because she won't be spending that much time with him and his family.

  2. Brisdull looks like she has to pee, or the weather is cold and
    she's under dressed.

  3. If the latest scheme is to get Bristol married Sailor Grace Palin Meyer is good new for Sarah. She gets to inject the Palin on the baby.

  4. Once a birth certificate is printed out, I know that you have to go to court to legally change a name. It looks like that's what they did.

    But how could they (after the fact) list Meyer's name on the b/c? Did they add a codicil? Just wondering legally how this can be done.

    Anyone know? Thanks!

    1. The registry records would be officially changed, like they are in an adoption. Sailor Grace Palin Meyer was born on December 23, 2015 to Dakota Meyer and Bristol Palin (mother's maiden name LOL).

    2. So, if they apply for a passport for Sailor, how will this show on the birth certificate? Will a copy of the registry records be included to add Meyer's name?

      I've always thought a birth certificate was a birth certificate. You can go to court to change a name but a new b/c isn't printed out...that I know of.

      You should see the perks MOH winners get for their children. If Dakota was truly the father of Sailor, Bristol was a fool not to put him on the original birth certificate.


    3. The children of MOH winners don't much in the way of benefits. If they meet the stringent academic requirements for a military academy, they can be accepted without having to be nominated by a bigwig and without regard to their state's quota. They can shop in PX's and commissaries.

      The MOH winner himself gets about $1250 per month pension for life. Military lifers (minimum 20 years service), get an additional 10% added to their retirement pay, but there's no sign Dakota intends to put in 20, so he'll just get the measly pension, with cost-of-living increases. The MOH winner can wear his uniform anywhere, anytime, and can attend Presidential inaugurations. Enlisted MOH winners get free uniforms while they're in the service. Some bases reserve parking for them. They can catch free hops on planes with available space, except tactical aircraft.

      I think MOH winners who are not lifers get Priority One VA health care for 5 years (or maybe not even that anymore), unless they're at least 50% disabled by service-connected health problems. After that, they're assigned to the same lower 7 categories of VA care as other vets. The lowest category is for indigent vets who have no other health care.

      Lifers get Tri-Care coverage, unless they fall into that golden Priority One VA category, like my 160% Agent Orange-disabled Vietnam vet husband, with all free care for the vet, plus CHAMPVA for spouses, Veterans Choice for free civilian care when needed, home care-giving help, a month of institutional respite care each year, monthly RN check-ups at home, all the free PT, OT, and ST they need for life, all-free nursing home care as needed, and monthly disability payments of $4,000+ (based on rank and rating, I think) offset by the lifer's military retirement pay. Surviving spouses get indemnity payments for life, as long as they don't sue the military for ruining their loved one's health.

      Dakota and Bristol may be on similar levels as far as education and intelligence, but with his proclivity for guns, liquor, and footie PJs, she could do better if she's looking for a husband. Then again, he might fit right in with the family's far-right politics and general strangeness.

    4. Ginger, the official state record of birth has been updated, that's why you need a judge to approve and rubber stamp it. It's not a name change, it's a wrong that has been put right. Sailor's father was never 'unknown' (in spite of what people might like to believe) and to claim that he was shows how nasty Bristol Palin is and why she has only one close friend that she's not related to- and probably why men don't like her.

      If Sailor should ever forget she's half Palin, and wants a passport, her birth certificate will include her father and her name will be her name: Sailor Grace Palin Meyer. And that's how it should be.

  5. None of the tabs are asking why his name was kept from the birth certificate in the first place. It was for the same reason that Bristol Palin casually and informally added her name to her son's name: ownership.

    Remember when the Palins attempted to pay off Levi Johnston to give up his paternal rights? That was around the time that Bristol began to call him Tripp Palin. That boy is really going to hate her when he understands the truth about his early life.

    But not little Sailor Gracie. Her daddy had money.

  6. For begging privacy, why do we have to see this?
    Attention whore, just like Mommie Dearest.
    They deserve each other; he was an idiot to ever hook up.
    Gracie is in for one hard life that she didn't ask for.

    1. If social media was brick and mortar store front where they advertise to sell, Dakota would have the photo of himself (looking damaged) holding the baby in Bristol's john for customers to see. Just what a professional would do for privacy. ha ha

  7. Sailor Grace Palin is a retarded name for a child.

  8. I was always auspicious about how quickly Dakota and Bristol fell in love and planned to get married. I think that after the brawl, Bristol had to clean up her image. She showed of some LV designer bags and got to accompany Sarah to Las Vegas last January for the Shot Show.

    Dakota was also courting Sarah there. They held up that FU Michael Moore sign together. Dakota wished Sarah a Happy Birthday on his Facebook. He introduced her in February at CPAC. He warned others on his Facebook that if they didn't like it, it was too bad. Dakkota was considering running for Congress and Sarah's PAC and political contacts looked like they would be a big help.

    I never could figure out what caused the break up week before the wedding. It could have just been an angry argument fueled by too much drink. Dakota may have been especially tough on Tripp (who might have deserved the discipline that Bristol never gave him). We won't know. Now, if they are posing for "co-parenting" photos. Maybe Sarah still thinks that Dakota could be useful to her, too.

    While Bristol needed to clean up her image after the brawl, Dakota may have also needed to clean up his image, take on a serious girl friend and settle down. There has been little evidence of previous romantic relations. Being named Sailor's father and maybe getting back together with Bristol gives him a more he-man image. Dakota doesn't care if he is the father or not. He was raised by Mike Meyer. Dakota never knew who his birth father is (or was). So the model is already set for him. If he has other problems relating to women in a long term loving relationship,
    it's taken care of. If he can co-parent with Bristol and save face, maybe hold that wedding BBQ after all.

  9. OT, but has anyone heard from MALOE since March?

  10. It's interesting that if Dakota is Sailor's father, Bristol didn't know it at the time of the birth.

    If the father isn't present at the birth, the mother fills out whatever forms there are, or answers the questions and then signs the form. Bristol could have put in Dakota's name at the time... if she knew who the father was. She didn't. So she must have had, at the very least, serious doubts.

    Still think the wedding was called off because Dakota realized she was too far along for it to be his baby.

    Still think that Bristol isn't sure and is just using Dakota's name.

    Still think Bristol's being outsmarted by Dakota's lawyer.

    Still think Bristol's seriously pissed at Dakota insisting that Sailor be given his name.

    Plus, I'm betting Bristol surrendered on the issues involved because somebody explained to her that a DNA test will prove whether Dakota is the father. Pretty sure she doesn't understand how, but didn't dare take the risk. This is the girl who took a birth control pill every time they had sex, remember? She's not bright.

    Plus, Sarah is pretty much ignoring Bristol, the grandchildren, and Tawd. She may have decided that there's too much actual involvement involved.


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