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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sarah Palin freaks out over Donald Trump's meeting with Paul Ryan

From Sarah's Fecebook page

Trump has a pow-wow with unsupportive GOPe House leader Paul Ryan today. Anticipate Ryan, after following crucifiers of our conservative frontrunner and all of his early supporters, to now position himself as the leader of those politico wussies to the cool kids' table. Typical politics. Makes me ill. DJT can't capitulate.

The holier-than-thou GOPe that sees elections as merely a money-making business has stomped all over We the People for the last time. They got us into the mess we're in with their failed, capitulating agenda that's gone along with Obama's fundamental transformation of America that includes devastating debt increase, deadly open borders, failed foreign nation building, exporting jobs, dividing the country, and quashing American exceptionalism... while laughing all the way to their personal bank accounts.

Today, Trump can not cede any victorious ground to the losers who got us into the mess we're in. And he won't. He'll own the meeting like a boss. Can't wait to hear Ryan's take on it afterwards; anticipate it'll be as accurate as his infamous claims of balancing a budget... or running his Olympic-qualifying marathon.…/oh-dear-lou-dobbs-e…/

Yeah Sarah you have a lot of infamous claims as well, let's go over them:

I killed the bridge to Nowhere

I was exonerated in Troopergate

I have foreign policy experience!  (This one is my favorite)

Obamacare will kill my parents and baby!

Sarah is afraid Donald will actually compromise with House Speaker Ryan.  When that happens she will no longer have any use for him.

Donald has already thrown Sarah under the bus anyway, why is she even defending him?

“Let me finish what I wanted to say. OK?" Trump said. "But I have nothing to do with that. You know, Sarah’s very much a free agent. She's a terrific person but she’s very much a free agent and I didn't know about this until yesterday. I guess she's been fighting or she’s endorsing somebody running against Paul Ryan. And I didn't know about it until yesterday when I read about it.”


  1. Palin LIES ABOUT ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING! The biggest lie and scandal about her is faking her pregnancy with Trig.

    Seems like there will never be proof of that unless one of her family members decides they've had enough of living with a sociopathic criminal, and they spill the beans.

  2. You forgot the pictures of $arah's "marathon" where no one saw her the entire race and then she mysteriously shows up at the finish line looking like a bottle of water had been splashed on her (makeup and hair still done) in something like 3rd or 5th place.....

  3. Ben Carson just said that Sarah IS on Drumpf's short list for VP. I hope he picks her. Nothing in the world would prove he's totally unfit for any public office than choosing her.


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