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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sarah Palin's interview with Jake Tapper

Actually I do agree with Sarah Palin that Paul Ryan needs to be defeated, but for different reasons.  He is a big reason for all the gridlock in DC and the biggest opportunist in Congress right now.

I would like to see him get "Cantored" then the candidate that beat him get's Cantored in the general election.  The fewer Republican seats in Congress the better.


  1. Now that Sarah has declared that Paul Ryan should be defeated, shall we assume Ryan is quaking in fear?

    By the way, I notice the guy she supports -- who is running against Ryan -- is named "Nehlen."

    Hmmm. "Nehlen" "Palin" -- sounds like the title of a low-rent porno flick.

    1. In Toad-speak, it's pronounced "Neelin" (similar to 'heelicopter'


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