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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Some interesting info on the products endorsed by Bristol Palin

As you all know Bristol posted on Instagram about Fab Fit Fun.

Turns out Fab Fit Fun isn't all that great

From the BBB

19 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 10 closed in last 12 months
Complaint Type Total Closed Complaints

Billing / Collection Issues 3

Delivery Issues 11

Problems with Product / Service 5

Advertising / Sales Issues 0

Guarantee / Warranty Issues 0

Total Closed Complaints 19

Here are some of the complaints:

No response from the company
I am a subscription member of the fab fit fun box. I was trying to cancel my subscription with them, and when you use their website to cancel, it doesn't go all the way through in order to cancel the subscription. So I emailed them twice and still got no response. I called the 855 number on their website, it rings once and then disconnects. I've called them over 10 times.

Desired Settlement
I am just trying to cancel my subscription

Final Consumer Response 
I was able to get in touch with them over the phone and my account has been canceled.

I was promised shipment of my summer box around June 20th.On June 27 I receive an emails stating boxes will go out in the next 2 weeks.I still have not received my box.I have asked to speak to a manager, no one has called me back and manager did not return my emails.I was promised shipment around June 20th,I asked for expidited shipping on July 1 since my box was already 2 weeks late and I was asked to pay for it.Customer service is horrible, no one will bother to return my calls or emails.I was told one thing, yet nothing happens.I am paying money for a service that is not giving me my service.This happened in the spring as well, my box was over a month late.
Product_Or_Service: Accessories
Order_Number: Invoice 4921
Account_Number: Invoice 4921
Desired Settlement
I would like my box expidited and shipped to me COB July 11th. I would also like my credit card to be refunded for this box. I would like an apology from the compnay.
I have attempted to cancel my subscription multiple times, yet I still get charged and the business won't acknowledge my cancellation/emails. 
I bought a box from FabFitFun in February when I was living in San Jose, California, because I had a discount code. In March, I got an email saying my next box was shipped and that I would be charged, which was when I realized that I had subscribed to the continuous account, so I would be automatically charged. I then cancelled my account/subscription on the website, and received an email confirming my "unsubscription". I just received an email saying I was being shipped a new box and being charged (but I am really angry, because I have moved back to Georgia, and there is no way for me to even get this box). I have over and over again "cancelled" my subscription online, and every time it just sends me to an empty page without a confirmation. No one will reply to to my query through email.
Desired Settlement
I seek a refund from FFF of $50. And for a cancellation confirmation of the account.
There are 16 complaints that went unanswered.  Sounds like a company I want to do business with (sarcasm).
310 shake isn't much better


  1. Does this shit even taste good? No wonder she looks malnourished despite the makeup.

  2. What product with a good reputation needs a spokesthing with Bristol Palin's reputation? She's only fit for cheap, tacky, nasty, overpriced flim flam. In fact, Bristol Palin using some third rate product to monetize her fan club is a good reason to avoid it.

  3. Easiest way to deal with a company like that is to contact your credit card company and instruct them to not accept any further charges from the company. They should honor your request.

    At the very least, then you will hear from the offending company so you can tell them to cancel your subscription.

  4. Why is it that every photo this young twit takes includes her making "fish lips"???

    1. She lost her looks long ago thanks to re-doing what the god, that she professes to follow, gave her. So much for being "made in his image," it wasn't good enough and now she looks like a zyborg.

    2. What those poses really say is, "This product sucks," and the proof of it is Bristol sucking.

  5. The knuckle draggers running this sham company think this talent-less and uneducated know nothing is a celebrity. Talk about being clueless.

  6. Balzafiar, I made the mistake of subscribing to an online site, which kept renewing on my card. I got in touch with Visa, but they said that I had to get the merchant to stop. Once valid credit card details are given, they have the right. I was very surprised by this. I ended up cancelling the card itself.

  7. I would never purchase a product endorsed by Bristol Palin. She's a dimwit who doesn't have a real job and has squandered every opportunity that's ever been presented to her.

    I seriously doubt Bristol actually uses the Fab Fit Fun product she's currently endorsing. After all, before the All Star season of DWTS began Bristol went to a "spa" in Arizona and had her fat removed. She doesn't believe in a healthy diet and exercise. This was well documented on her failed reality show!

  8. It was probably the best company she could find to endorse. A company with a good product and customer service wouldn't want Slutty McSlutterson.


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