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Monday, May 30, 2016

Sorry Sarah but Bristol is not a war widow

Remember last week when I posted about the Palin's radio silence?  Well just a few hours after the post this showed on on Sarah's Fecebook page:

The woman in question looks like Bristol and the baby could pass for Sailor, but they are not.

The woman in the photo isn't even a war widow.  Her husband died in a motorcycle crash in the states after returning from active duty.

Shameful of Sarah to do that.  Another shameful act she did concerning Memorial day was five years ago when she, Todd, Bristol, and Piper crashed this event

#‎throwbackthursday‬ - Recalling Todd and I honored to ride with thousands of vets in Rolling Thunder through Washington DC for the POW-MIA cause. I'll never forget the luscious smell of that fuel and that leather, and the beautiful roar of 100,000 engines - music to my ears! Enjoy this year's Rolling Thunder, Patriots; have a blast on Sunday! God bless our vets!

Her appearance there was not welcome by the organizers:

"I'm very not appreciative of the way she came in here," Ted Shpak, Rolling Thunder's national legislative director, told the Post. "If she wanted to come on the ride, she should have come in the back."

Rolling Thunder rider Mark Posey added, in an interview with the Post, that the event was not the place to launch a presidential campaign: "I think she has no reason to be involved in this," he said of Palin. "If she's launching her campaign to run for president, I don't think this is the place to start."

Happy Memorial Day to all that sacrificed their lives.  Track Palin did not.


  1. And this year Trump shows up at Rolling Thunder. Trump, who thinks going to a military-type school as a teen is serving. Trump, who thought dodging STDs from unprotected sex was his Viet Nam. Another fake patriot that the right wing fawns over while they cut the budget of the VA. Fake patriots.

  2. Trump is a socipathic bastard who raped Ivana Trump, per her own testimony under oath.

    The Orange Asshole is a threat to our national security who will start a nuclear war without any idea what the consequences will be for the future of the planet.

    If heart attack, stroke, or aneurysim happened to Trump, at least 1/2 of all Americans would breathe a sigh of relief.

  3. ". . . [T]he luscious smell of that fuel and that leather" shows that Sarah Palin has been sniffing strange substances for way too long.


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