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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Surprise, Track's hearing on the 10th actually went as scheduled!

What a shock!  Track's hearing for his assault charges actually went as scheduled on the 11th.  He is now due back in court on May 26th.

Since Jordan has a bun in the oven are the charges going to be dropped?


  1. If she's pregnant and back with him, what's the point of this?

    1. The point is that Track is a drug addict, an alcoholic, a violent and aggresive person, and he has had no punishment at all for threatening his girlfriend with a loaded gun, and beating her up.

      If he was not connected to the Palin crime family, he would no doubt not be treated with kid gloves, and would have already been charged with at least assault and battery, and have a prison sentence.

      Every single Palin kid over Piper's age has major problems, and the lot of them are spoiled, entitled, self centered fools.

      Zero education
      Zero college classes
      No discernible jobs at all for the Palin adults
      Multiple kids out of wedlock, which is a big deal for "faithful Christians"
      Palins never go to church
      $arah the village idiot only uses Christianity to fool her palinbot fools to give money to her failed Pac.

      The entire clan is a complete white trash disaster.

      THAT is the point of this article!

    2. That's what I was saying. Sarcasm.

  2. White trash?!?!?!?


    I'm an Old Redneck whose family includes several shining examples of white trash. I know trash when I see it and the Palin family is trash.

    1. Hells to the yeah, Old Redneck!

  3. If she's back with him, then she deserves all what happens to her for being associated with that bastard and his fucked up family.

    1. I would agree, but now there's an innocent baby on the way, who sadly may one day be a victim of Track's uncontrollable rages. Jordan is not a stupid girl. She most likely does know that domestic violence is a pattern of behavior, often with no direct cause or explanation.

      Children who live in homes where there is domestic violence also suffer abuse or neglect at high rates and are more likely to have health problems, including becoming sick more often, having frequent headaches or stomachaches, and being more tired and lethargic.

      Children may attempt to intervene when they witness severe violence against a parent – which can place a child at great risk for injury or even death. The fact that Jordan must know some of the dangers of living with an abuser and is now subjecting a baby to those dangers, already makes Jordan a terrible failure as a Mother.

    2. Obviously Jordan IS a stupid girl. How big a fool does one have to be to marry a colossal loser, with no job that likes to break out guns and beat on you? I would say that's the epitome of STUPID!

  4. Anybody who gets involved with a Palin clearly has issues of their own; the sad thing is that Track is going to continue to abuse others. Sarah and Tawd don't care, and apparently, Jordan's family don't, either. And once again, a baby is going to be born into a dysfunctional, abusive family and head down the same path... it's tragic.

  5. To this day, and I'm pushing 70, when I hear a certain tone in a male voice, I leave the scene. Forget the filled shopping cart, I'm outta there. And when there's a man between me and the door, I'm looking for another exit. Same with being a passenger in a car driven by a man. No amount of therapy erases certain feelings; just when you think they're finally gone, they're back in your face. Bringing a child into violence is the epitome of either stupidity or selfishness, not sure which.


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