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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Will Sarah Palin endorse Lisa Murkowski this year?

Lisa Murkowski is up for reelection for her Senate seat.  She is currently running against independent Margaret Stock for the Republican nomination.

Will Sarah endorse Lisa or Margaret?  She hates Lisa and Lisa's dad's guts.  However I don't know much about Lisa, is she Tea Party or not.


  1. Depending on what Lisa gives her in return. Palin is free market for dollars.

  2. I can't fathom that anyone would readily seek her endorsement. But that's just me.

  3. I think it is unlikely Sarah will endorse Margaret Stock.

    Stock is probably far too successful in her education and professional pursuits to be liked by Sarah. Stock actually served in the military too, before teaching at West Point for eight years.

    Stock also received a MacArthur Foundation genius grant in 2013 for her work on immigration and national security.

    Lisa "try,try,try,try,try to pass the bar exam" Murkowski is more Sarah's speed. Even if Sarah will never forget that Daddy Frank failed to make her a US Senator.

  4. A more interesting question is will the second laziest man in Alaska, Joe Miller, belly up to the bar again? Alaskans say there are signs that he might and he hasn't ruled it out. Naturally he doesn't have a job to worry about leaving.

  5. Meanwhile: HAS ANYONE SEEN TWO-TONED TOAD??? He has gone missing from the surface of the earth since late March, when someone supposedly saw him in town, getting out of his big-ass truck to buy some furniture for his beloved daughter Bar$tool...

  6. I think Lisa Murkowski is going to have a difficult run in Alaska this coming election cycle. The National Republican party is providing money (and planning on raising more!) for her run!

    Sarah Palin endorsing Lisa Murkowski would be the kiss of death on her race and I seriously doubt Lisa would ask for her help!

    Alaska needs not to reelect Lisa Murkowski this go around. The native population needs to be better educated about her would be my suggestion. If they had not supported her last time, she would have lost.

    Remember, Lisa Murkowski says things publically about an issue and then votes exactly the opposite. Check her history and facts about various issues.

    Get the Republicans out of the U.S. Congress!!! That includes Lisa Murkowski!

    1. First there has to be a primary. That will be the fun part.

  7. Margaret Stock spoke at the Alaska Democratic Party convention last weekend. Sarah will not support her.


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