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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Yes Sarah Palin I am a smart Democrat, that is why I am voting for Hillary Clinton

The above video came from her Fecebook page

Smart Democrats?  The only dumb ones are the ones voting for Bernie.

And Skanky has to toot her horn by posting this:

She is so desperate for praise it is pathetic.  I can't wait for November to be here.


  1. Don't wish away your life just yet, SPHASH.

    Notice how we're Democrats- not dirty libruls- when the old cow thinks she's being charming?

    Sara has always had this fantasy about Democrats being 'with' her. It probably stems from the time she passed all that Democratic legislation in Alaska in the mistaken belief that the Alaska Democrats liked her for herself.

    Sara imagined that Democrats would vote for her in 2008, too- but Democrats couldn't stop laughing long enough to vote for her. And Republicans couldn't stop crying long enough to vote for her.

    No deal, Sara. You stink even worse than your candidate.

  2. Ventriloquist dummy!

  3. Stupid pos sarah. Get a brush. Where's your big old white teeth like that time on az news. Pos sarah, do you realize your rump is dividing. Dumb pos. stand straight you fool.

  4. Great choice of photo, $arah. Are you:
    1) picking the Donald's pocket,
    2) copping a feel, or
    3) doing an NFL-worthy spin-move to get front and center?
    P.S. Did you sleep in that jacket?


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