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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Back to fathers in the Palin and Heath families

This is over a week old but worth mentioning:

Todd says every day is Father's Day when a dad takes time to appreciate all that surrounds him. I absolutely agree... but offer a belated "Happy Father's Day" greeting anyway to all dedicated fathers working hard to keep families secure!

I thank my husband and my father for providing that, and for reminding us that through challenges we need to step outside, breathe fresh air, and learn that tough trails lead to beautiful destinations.
Enjoy this GREAT reminder of what really matters:

I am not going to post the link as it is Bristol's blog.

Interesting she didn't mention two other fathers in the family.  Track and Dakota.  Is she that embarrassed over Track and is Dakota really the father?


  1. I wonder how that would translate this a.m. after the IM post.
    And just where do you get fresh air, Sarah who reads here by the minute?
    Everything around you smells to high heaven.
    And I don't mean the Rapture, oh vibrant one.
    (Iff'n ya didn't need liquor and Mommy's little helpers for the bumpy plane ride this morning, you will this afternoon.)

  2. Good catch about Track and DumbkotAh, SPHASH!
    Interesting Freudian-by-omission slip of the mind!

  3. Very 'telling' arrangement of people in that picture. $arah, the supposed 'mother' of TriG as far away from her 'son' and 'husband' as possible, but close to her wanna-get f_ckbuddy, both being the only ones with the 'thumbs up' stance. The babysitter (real bio mom?) next to Tow-Toned Toad, Piper-Diaper as a visual barrier (see, nothing going on here... yet!) between the two most reviled people in the country.
    Life is good!

    1. "between the two most reviled people in the country."

      I think Brissy is right up there with Sarry & Tawd.

    2. @ 12:06 PM

      "The babysitter (real bio mom?)"

      Interesting you would say this. She was Tripp's babysitter and it's verified by a picture of her and Bristol in Arizona pushing Tripp in a supermarket cart.

      Also, I have a picture (I think it's her) holding Tripp when he is about six months old. She is in an arena sitting next to Bristol, Willow and another girl who are making funny faces. Not Bristol, who is sitting looking straight ahead and not seeming to give a damn about the child this woman is holding.

      The picture was over at PG years ago, but has since been long gone. I have it but don't know how to move it. Is she Tripp's bio mom? Could be, or his aunt. Anyone know this woman's name?

  4. I still tend to believe that Dakota is not the father, and that Barstool managed to convince him that DNA testing wasn't needed. I think she was working her ass off to avoid DNA testing. I think she lured Dakota into marriage just to avoid testing. IF they're married, and frankly, if a Palin told me the sun rises in the east, I'd haul ass outside to check for myself.

    If they are married and he's accepting his role as father (whether or not he really is) it's possible that he might get stuck for child support payments without the dubious benefits of Life With Barstool. Because she's not somebody that someone would want to live with forever.

    She'll be pregnant again in a couple of months, if she's not already. Because she wants to nail down her claim to child support. Anything's better than working for a living.

    1. I agree with ivyfree. The "romance" between Bristol and Dakota was on speed dial, a few week ends of seeing each other and boom, they were engaged. Without hesitation, Bristol sold her house, grabbed Tripp, moved to Kentucky and just as fast, 2 months later, she was back in Alaska, buying another house and uprooting the kid again. There is something unstable in that kind of behavior. Adding to the drama Bristol confessed to her huge disappointment. From the looks of things, Dakota may have realized that Bristol was pregnant it and it wasn't his. Anything could have happened.

      Bristol treated Dakota the way that she treated Levi-- like dirt. She lied about breast feeding as an excuse that Dakota could not visit the baby. I tend to believe the photo that showed the November 4 date of Bristol being in the hospital, not the December 23 date.

      The question is why would Dakota want to step in as Sailor's father, move to Alaska, and to make it look legitimate, say that they are married. It wasn't long ago that Bristol was insulting Dakota and making life difficult for him. Now, it looks like a staged photo op, much like their original meeting. He doesn't seem to have had a serious relationship with a woman, so this would make him look like a stud.

      The original chemistry was between Sarah and Dakota. He was gaga about Sarah as a political force. (Not very smart). Dakota and Sarah held up that FU Michael Moore sign. Dakota wished Sarah a happy birthday on his facebook. He warned his facebook readers (twice) that if they didn't approve of his admiration for Sarah,they should just not comment. Bristol was the glue that held the triangle together. Sarah could help Dakota with his political ambitions. He may be as dumb as a rock, but maybe he was popular back there in his area of Kentucky. He won't be able to run for any office up there in Alaska. But, Dakota has been cutting and pasting articles from a military blog, in an attempt to make him look like some kind of "expert." Maybe all of this is to give Sarah some kind of boost to be selected as Trump's VP. (That would be some ticket, Dumb and Dumber). Sarah could run this time with a daughter who was married, not a single unwed pregnant teen. For that matter, maybe Bristol IS pregnant again, and they bought Dakota to provide some cover. Does SarahPAC have enough money to make it worth his time?

      Bottom line: I think that the three of them, Sarah, Dakota and Bristol are looking for some kind of boost for their image. Dakota can be called macho because he claims Sailor as his kid. (I don't believe it either). Bristol is finally married.She might NEED to be married, with another kid on the way. Surprise. Sarah finally has a hero in the family. (Sorry, Track. They gave you every possible chance there). It's all about the image. I don't believe the public show for a minute.

  5. I've seen pics of Sailor that look like Dakota- even when she was newborn and I bet Bristol sent those newborn pics to Dakota to make him feel bad that he couldn't see her.

    But can I say how much I love that pic of Drumpf/Palin2016? Take a look at the way they're all dressed and compare that with the way the Drumpf family dresses for these occasions. I hope Drumpf especially enjoyed the view of Sarah's hideous toes poking out. I bet it made him ill.

    1. No way, no how is she his kid. Wrong facial features, wrong skin tone.
      Wrong age, also too.


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