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Friday, June 10, 2016

Congrats to Malia Obama on her high school graduation!

Today Malia Obama graduates from high school at Sidwell Friends

Congrats Malia!  This nation has watched you grow up in the White House.  You have seen your mother and father mercilessly attacked for doing the right thing for this country.  You had to grow up pretty fast but it will make you stronger in the end.

You are taking a gap year before college.  I have some advice for you.  During your year off, get a job working with the public, like at a fast food restaurant or coffee shop.  It will teach you how to deal with all kinds of people.  That experience will help you at Harvard.

Good luck and Godspeed.


  1. Hi SPHASH! Malia's parents must be very proud of her achievements, knowing that the life skills she learned, coupled with the importance of a good education, will open all kinds of doors for her! They are the shining examples of parents putting their childrens' needs first, not their own ambitions, like the moron village idiot palin and her loser lazy slacker spawn! As a Canadian, I am very happy that President and Mrs. Obama have set the standard for good parenting, and were there for their children always!I will truly miss them when they return to private life! Bonne Chance Malia!!

    1. I totally agree with you, abbafan, and knew that they truly cared about their children when they brought Michelle's mom, Grandma Robinson, in to live with them and be a constant for the girls when obligations took their parents away. That is one grounded family, unlike that which you mentioned.

      I had to giggle at the last Super Bowl interview:
      How do you watch this?
      Two rooms; office and champagne room.
      Where's Grandma?
      Champagne room.

      There will never be another like them! LOL

  2. I'm confused.

    Sarah says Malia listen to Beyonce's music, which makes her . . . well, makes her something.

    Does Sarah have her head up her ass or what?

  3. Imagine that! A child of a president graduating high school! If the election had gone the other way, the Wasilla Wendigo had pushed McCain down the stairs and taken over the role of president, and NONE of the president's kids would be high school graduates.


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