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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Dakota's very first Father's Day

Today is Father's Day.  I'm sure Dakota got to spend time with Sailor.

At least Dakota got to spend his very first Father's Day with his new child, something Levi was denied the opportunity to.  FUCK YOU BRISTOL.

Now it sounds like Levi and Sunny was able to confide in Gryphen at Immoral Minority and may be close to spilling the beans.


  1. Dakota can't see that Sailor is not his baby? What will he do when Sailor sprouts an afro hairdo?

  2. Don't think for a moment that Dakota Meyer doesn't know how Bristol Palin has treated Levi Johnston over the years. He does- in embarrassing detail.

    Dakota Meyer is now stuck with the bitch. That's the price he's paying. Bristol Palin the black widow spider will make him as miserable as she made all the others.

    Poor Tripp.

    1. I'm still not buying that they're married. If in fact they are, the bloom will be off the rose soon enough. Some men like being led around by the nose; just goes to show how weak he is! Must have been one lucrative offer they made him.

    2. 11.56 I believe they're married simply because I know Sarah Palin is able to perform legal marriage ceremonies (practically your dog can marry you in Alaska) and Dakota is a big drinker of hard liquor. It wouldn't take much to ambush him when he's tanked.

      We've already seen pics of Dakota hitting the hard stuff at Bristol's house.... three days of sex and drugs and then Mama Greasy steps into the room and you're married.

      They deserve each other.

      Like someone else said, the worst thing about this is that they'll breed more.

    3. "three days of sex and drugs and then Mama Greasy steps into the room and you're married"

      Not exactly. You're right that pretty much any adult in Alaska can get a marriage commission and perform the wedding, the happy couple still has to go get a marriage license before any of that can happen and the application for the marriage commission states when the marriage will take place. I know this because I've done two weddings. Not saying he still couldn't have been tricked or coerced, but it would have taken a little bit of planning before the wedding could take place.

    4. Well, could they have gotten that paper last year, when Bar$tool was supposed to get married, or when Jordan and Track Menard were supposed to get hitched this year?

    5. When the last name is Palin, I always thing that there is an ulterior motive and strings are attached. Dakota didn't have much going for him in Kentucky. Bristol had been denying him access to see Sailor. Suddenly, it's love, marriage and co-parenting. Something's up-- either for Sarah, Bristol and/or Dakota.

  3. I hope that Tripp gets to spend fathers day with his dad, Levi...

  4. I'm a fan of Gryphens and read that post about Levi and Sunny. He had that picture I had also seen on your blog, SPLASH, awhile back. The link is below and it is the second picture of Levi with his oldest daughter and Tripp.

    When I saw the picture on your blog, it looked "off," to me, but I didn't make a comment. When I saw it again, I decided to ask Gryphen about it. Especially, since he and Levi seem to be close now, I thought he could ask Levi if it was true or not. Anyway, here was my comment:

    "Tripp is 7-1/2 years old but in that picture, he doesn't look any older than Levi's daughter. Also, the size of Levi's head looks strange to me. Was this picture photoshopped?

    Just askin'..."

    My comment was not used. Why? Sure made we wonder...

    1. Gryphen does a lot of censoring on his blog, of long time readers who ask legit questions. Yet he lets Alicia post on and on and on. I'm a long time supporter of all the Palin investigating blogs, but G man is getting on my nerves. I hop he comes hru with real, new important info. However, I fea he will say he or Levi or Sunny has changed their minds and he cant divulge......ugh

    2. Yup, Pudge's blog has deteriorated into 1% Palin and 99% bullying and political propaganda.

    3. I agree. Gryphen is not the man I thought he was. He is just the flip side of so many Palin/Trump types. They can't respect any viewpoint but their own and neither can he.
      I am so sick of his little pom pom girls jabbering about it being his blog and therefore not dissention is allowed, yet I wonder how well his blog will fair without those of us who have been bullied away?

    4. He has censored me in the past, too. Blocked me from commenting for a while, too. There have even been times when I have suspected he trolls his own blog to encourage arguments between posters.

      Gryphen has dragged all of this Palin stuff out for so long that by the time he finally says something, no one will care. If he announced tomorrow that Sarah never gave birth to Trig, the news would be met with a a big yawn. No one in the mainstream cares about her anymore. Would be discarded news within 48 hours.

    5. There's nothing odd about that photo, Ginger: it's just taken at a funny angle, and Tripp is clearly bending over to be next to Levi, who is kneeling. If your comment was censored maybe it was taken for more the usual disinformation campaign, the likes of which is so evident in the comments here.

    6. I was bothered when Gryphen thanked people for their contributions, saying that he enjoyed a fine meal, thanks, oh, and he was on his way to interview someone. I can understand helping G with expenses in getting some information, but lunch?

    7. I'm not out to have a political fight/discussion, but I gave Gryphen the farewell finger a few weeks back. His childish name calling aimed at Bernie supporters, and his downright demented derision of Bernie himself just got to be too much. I started reading his blog for Palin news, and he kept promising that if we just held on, we'd be rewarded with a juicy scandal. Still not happening, so I guess he turned to bribing Levi in his hour of desperation. What a "journalist".

    8. I stopped going to his blog, too, when he started his uneducated, unfounded Bernie bashing. It was the last straw.

    9. 3:34 & 9:24, What Gryphen is doing over there is the very definition of propaganda - look it up and you'll see Gryphen in every word of the definition. And Gryphen is not a journalist. He's just a guy with average intelligence that has been grooming his readers for years, by constantly bragging about himself, into thinking that he's some kind of "Wiz kid." I've been reading over there for years myself hoping to hear that the Good Ship Palin has crashed. But I came to the conclusion way back that the Great Gryphen is just a braggart, a bully, and has an extremely puffed-up ego based on nothing but his own grandiose thoughts of himself. Basically, he's just an asshole, who, if it wasn't for the Palin news, most of us wouldn't give him the time of day. I too have had it with his bullying and his emotionally immature personality. Most men grow up and toss out the muscle shirts by the time they're 25. Not Gryphen and guys like him - they're still in high school. Someone posted here the other day that Gryphen's nastiness has morphed into the flip side of the Palin coin - same coin - just looks a little different. That was a spot on comment.

    10. Yep. Even if Gryphen ever produces any real dirt on the Palins, it doesn't change the fact that he, too is an Alaskan asshole. I no longer believe he has anything to share that is the elusive iceberg. I went back and read the iM archives and he has been dangling that carrot for so long that it is as withered as his little dick.

  5. Did anyone else fine it tacky and self serving for Gryphen to pat himself on the back in such a public manner? He is like the relative who lends you a few bucks and then has to tell everybody in the family about it.
    I think his ego was bruised from all the fallout from his incessant Sanders attacks and he wanted his readers to fawn over what a 'great guy's he is, so he decided to post the information.

    1. He's an intolerant bully.

    2. I was raised that the point in helping someone is just to help them, and not so the whole world can see "what a great guy you are." I either try to help people anonymously, or I ask them to keep it just between "Us." I don't need the world to "know what a great guy I am." I'm not anyone special - just a guy - not a great guy - not a bad guy. But Griffin loves to set up posts so his readers will respond by heaping praise upon him. The truth of the matter is, Alaska's most manliest manly man (eyeroll) is actually very immature for a 56 year old.

    3. What did he really even do for them? It is unclear to me.
      Besides, Levi is a liar.
      He was married to Barstool. He ad a wedding ring visible in pics, which he lost and then got the new thing that is cool to do if you marry but re in a profession where rings are not good to wear: Bristol's name tattoed on his ring finger.
      He knows Sarah did not birth TriG.
      He allowed lots of derogatory stuff to written about him yet he never gave the Palins away when he was on Bill Maher, Tyra, Larry King, .....
      He had ample opportunity and he kept quiet.
      He is no longer a young kid.
      Spill it.
      Otherwise I believe he i getting paid off, handsomely. Maybe poor Sunny doesn't even now.
      Maybe he owes 68k to Bristol, but it just comes out of his payoff for remaining silent.

    4. The disinformation/smear Gryphen campaign really is in full force, isn't it.
      For those who really can't connect a few dots, let me help you out: what G accomplishes by making the story known is insurance for Levi, Sunny, and Tripp. If Bristol really did marry Duh, it has to have crossed Levi's mind that she might again push to move out of state and take Tripp with her. Even after the hard-won court battles. Women have been known to move their kids in defiance of court orders and essentially get away with it. Levi is clearly a truly private person and a live-and-let-live guy, but surely this is his shot across the bow to Bristol.

    5. Well thanks for "connecting a few dots" to those of us that just aren't as intelligent as you are. However, anyone who has read IM over a number of years knows that this isn't Griffin's first "Look at what a great guy I am" post.

    6. You're most welcome, 2:40p. It's the least I can do for our IQ-challenged friends in these parts. Lord knows, they need all the help they can get.

    7. Hey @7:07-I am pretty sure that @2:40 was using sarcasm. Your insights are not all that profound.

    8. Sarcasm? Gosh golly, what is that, 930a?
      (Do you try to be a parody of yourself, 930a, or is it a natural talent?)

  6. "However, I fear he will say he or Levi or Sunny have changed their minds and he cant divulge......ugh"

    I can just imagine that happening.

    Indeed, I find it hard to imagine anything else happening. I do feel that the Palin's have some "hold" over Levi.

    I agree with a poster, ages ago, on the other blog "She's no hockey mom", who said that they feel that there is a link/bond between the Johnston and Palin families, and it may be something criminal.

  7. Orange, see my post above: I don't think the intent was ever to divulge, but rather to take out insurance against Bristol pulling yet more sh*t with Tripp.

  8. I think what the Palins have over Levi is multifaceted. I think we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. Things like child support, we know he's paying for Tripp, but what if the agreement is, you don't have to pay child support on Trig if you keep your mouth shut. If you don't talk about Track selling pills to your Mom,her sentence can be an ankle bracelet instead of prison. Etc...

    1. Te amount of $$ he pats in support indicates he is also paying for TriG.

  9. This should not be Dakota's First Fathers Day. Once he had a stable life, living with Mike Meyer, who eventually adopted him, young Mr. Dakota Meyer should have been thanking Mike Meyer for his friendship, love, and support every day of his lucky life.

    Dakota admitted in his own biography that his childhood was like living in a washing machine. His mother went from place to place and man to man. He had no idea which man was his birth father. At one time, his mother had married Mike Meyer, the man who gave him stability, love and direction when his mother dropped him off at Mike's because she couldn't (or didn't want to) take care of Dakota.

    You bet he should have celebrated Fathers Day every year with Mike Meyer. I don't think that it matters whether his sperm contributed to Sailor's life or not. He is her father like Mike Meyer was his father. Now, he has joined Bristol and Sarah in attacking Levi, using Dakota's lawyer for the new court proceedings. Ease up, Dakota, they will kick you to the curb if you are not useful. Just ask Jordan Loewe how her life is going.

    1. I think she meant first Father's day as a father.

    2. Just because Duh wrote about it doesn't mean it actually happened. He's been discredited by men who served with him, regarding his fantastical heroics in the military. Just the guy for the Palin clan. A lying drunk who slobbers over his guns.

  10. Good grief! I'm sorry my comment brought out all this talk about Gryphen. It is "his" blog. My intent was to show he wouldn't let my comment through because it was..."photoshopped."

    A long, long time ago, Gryphen told us that..."even if he knew the truth, he wouldn't tell." So, I have never expected anything from him. He's always printed my comments except for one. That was something about Mercede that he didn't like. So, I am shocked to hear what some of you have to say.

    Every day I read IM and the comments hoping someone from Wasilla will talk. Or, better still, try to get information about Tripp. Why? Because I think Sarah has a real birth certificate for Trig and there is no way anyone can out her and she knows it. The e-mail I've been talking about for years proves, to me, she has that b/c.

    For years, just like a lot of others, I've tried to figure out a way to expose Sarah. Here's my theory:

    I think Bristol delivered Trig on April 17, 2008. The e-mail asking Sarah for her new child's b/c was dated May 21, 2008. If I'm right about this, chances are she was never pregnant during the campaign, and they said she was, to stop the rumors about Sarah.

    Funny thing, in May, 2009, I made a comment at IM that said..."if a mother can fake a pregnancy, why can't the daughter?" To my surprise, Gryphen let that comment through. Of course, no one believed me then, and it doesn't seem like anyone believes me now.

    Anyway, that's why I keep my eye on Tripp. I think he is an acquired child they had under contract for a few years and now they photoshop him in pictures to make it look like he's around.

    After this comment, we might see him in person, shortly. Just watch and time will tell.

    P.S. Just remembered Levi told Larry King he saw the b/c for Tripp and his name, Johnston, was on it. The Palins needed this to talk Levi into playing the role of Tripp's father. However, I'm not sure if it is real or not. Would they dare show this as proof? Who knows...

    1. Some of us think that Trig was born earlier than April 2008. The middle of April represents the time that the premature Trig could leave the hospital. He was delivered to MatSu and Sarah Palin at 6 AM, after Sarah flew for 12 hours while in labor leaking amniotic fluid, but no one noticed. Bristol may have given birth to a premature Trig who was kept in the neonatal ward in Anchorage until he was in good enough health to be released. Even then, he had jaundice and a hole in his heart.

      As for Bristol, if she was pregnant with Trig, it corresponds to a time when she had "mono" for 5 months and went to live in Anchorage with her aunt and some young kids.

      I don't think that Levi can talk about any of this. They held his mother hostage over a petty drug charge, and they must have other ways of keeping him quiet, like having him sign a non-disclosure agreement. You have to admit that it would be strange for the McCain people to wipe the Johnston family computers during the 2008 campaign. But then, photos of a pregnant Sarah, the much photographed governor, also disappeared except for a few saved from secondary sources.

    2. I think that's a horrible thing to say about a child. He's real, and making up a conspiracy theory about him is . . . words fail. It's almost as bad as the Sandy Hool Truthers. Have you seen Sunny's FB page? And he has Chuck's chin. Please stop jumping on every photo that happens to be taken at an odd angle and trying to read between lines that aren't there. I note you don't do that with photos that are taken from good angles. Can you explain why?

    3. Trig is the innocent. The post does not say anything horrible about Trig. He was born with jaundice and a hole in his heart. That was public knowledge. He underwent an operation after he was a year old to repair the hole in his heart.

      The problems are Bristol and Sarah. Sarah claimed Trig as her own child to gain the right-to-life votes. She dragged him everywhere for two months, using him as a prop. What he needed was a stable environment and therapy.

      Don't you find it amazing that Bristol was reworded with so many riches, her own condo in Anchorage, a kind of job with the dermatologist, dancing with the stars when she had no personality and she couldn't dance. I see all of that in payment for services rendered, or another way to put it was that Sarah took Trig as her own, thinking that she and Todd could offer the boy more than two kids in high school.

      I'm not looking at any photos to make this point. Photos do not prove parentage. DNA does that. I am not insulting Trig. I am describing the selfish actions of an ambitious woman who wanted to be picked as VP and the troubled relationship that Bristol has with her mother. Bristol must have missed Trig and/or her hormones were raging, so she got pregnant easily and gave birth to Tripp.

    4. I thought early on that Tripp might have been "acquired." I remember a few posts from way back when, insisting this was the case. But at this point we've seen too much of him, in too many different settings. He clearly is a permanent fixture.
      But here's a thought that ties together a couple of the tinfoil hat threads...
      Some people have insisted that Tripp is considerably older than advertised. I've never believed this: when his height can be estimated from photos, he appears to be the right size for his (purported) age. But Levi and Bristol are not big people, so he could be small for his age, and thus older. There's that green-sweater pregnancy picture, suggesting that Bristol was pregnant in 2006. And the photos of a very young, blond-haired Levi holding a newborn. So maybe she acquired her own kid? I.e., faked the 2008 pregnancy as Ginger suggests, borrowed a baby/doll for early appearances, used old photos for a while, and eventually let Tripp be seen in real time. Faking a pregnancy would have served two purposes: first put to rest the rumors about Trig, and second allow her to bring her kid out of hiding. This would explain how she "only" has 4 children when we've seen her pregnant > 4 times. It might also explain why she was so desperate to keep Tripp away from Levi when he was little, since she couldn't let just any old photo slip out. I.e., any idiot can tell the difference between a 6-month old and an 18-month old, but by the time a kid is 4 or so age gets harder to judge from a photo. Lastly the scenario explains why pressure was brought to bear on one of the other Palin watchdog bloggers (Audrey? I forget) only at the point when she started questioning the timeline on the supposed Tripp pregnancy.

    5. Wow Ginger, you are nuttier than I originally thought. Thanks for making it crystal clear.

      " I think he is an acquired child they had under contract for a few years and now they photoshop him in pictures to make it look like he's around."

      LMAO. You are crazy and it is great. Don't change a thing honey.

    6. Ginger, Tripp looks exactly like Levi when he was little and there is a strong resemblence between him and his older sisters. He also has creepy chucks recessed chin (and Bristol's before her jaw alignment surgery lol).
      But it is mose likely true he is older than stated age.

    7. 7:24 his name is TriG, no TRigg.
      They named him with one g, not 2.
      Which, with karmic dark humor, is the name for Trisomy G or DS.
      Stooopid Sarah.

  11. "Funny thing, in May, 2009, I made a comment at IM that said..."if a mother can fake a pregnancy, why can't the daughter?" To my surprise, Gryphen let that comment through. Of course, no one believed me then, and it doesn't seem like anyone believes me now."

    Ginger, I much respect your posts and like to read them. I want to add my thoughts on this, because there have been rumours that Bristol's pregnancy was as fake as Sarah's. As you may remember, an earlier blog, Palin's Deceptions, was looking at that possibility when it was closed. There was a firestorm of hostility, and the owner of the blog was "outed", and made a public spectacle, with much nasty talk and allegations. She stopped posting.

    There is something weird about Bristol's pregnancy, and I have always wondered at the ages of the children - Trigg and Tripp. They don't look like their announced ages. I also find the name Tripp very odd, considering Todd's association with - ah, a certain lady. I think your postulation that Tripp is a borrowed child is quite possible.

    1. Jesus Christ. That's all I've got.

    2. Orange, I posted my reply above (725am) just before scrolling down and reading your message. I'd never thought about this particular scenario before, although I know each individual facet of it has been proposed/discussed to death. And as I said, I've never bought into the "Tripp is older" theory. But the scenario -- Bristol "acquiring" her own kid -- would explain a lot.

  12. @Anon ll:42 PM

    Yes, the rumor that Bristol had a preemie in January, or the early part of 2008, was started by the Palins. They had to do this because McCain's team told Sarah they didn't want to deal with her "real" birth certificate for Trig. Remember all the controversy over Pres. Obama's b/c? Not only that, there wasn't time.

    They told her if she wanted to be VP, she had to say...and show...her daughter, Bristol,...was five-months pregnant. Sarah was furious over this. She had planned her fake pregnancy right down to Dr. CBJ being willing to deliver Trig from Bristol but put all the paperwork in Sarah's name. This was one of the reasons Sarah was sure she could get away with faking it.

    I'm sure Sarah and Todd had a long talk with Bristol and she agreed to help her mother so she could run for VP. The RNC promised Bristol she would be well rewarded for her efforts. Hence, the speaking gig for Candies (now, she couldn't use Trig, could she? She needed another child for this), DWTS and the reality show etc.

    However, this presented a problem for Sarah. It was all over the internet Sarah had faked a pregnancy. People that didn't use the internet, believed emphatically Bristol was pregnant. But those of us that found Audrey's blog, didn't. What to do? Start a rumor for the internet users stating Bristol had a preemie in Jan./Feb. and got pregnant again. It worked.

    I read Frank Bailey's book and he described in detail how Sarah would start rumors to distract, confuse and justify something that wasn't true. The Palins are professional grifters that will use any means possible to achieve what they want. Lie, cheat, switch name it.

    My last thought: If Trig had been born in early 2008, and kept in Anchorage in an NICU, and delivered to Mat-Su on April 18th, it would not coincide with the e-mail. The e-mail from the S.O.A., Benefits Div., addressed to ~Gov. Palin asking for her new child's b/c, was dated May 21, 2008. In the e-mail, it states they needed the b/c within 60 days of the date of birth. I'd say 30 days had gone by and they were giving her another 30 to send it in. That ties in with another e-mail Sarah sent to Janice Mason on June 04, 2008 that said:

    "Don't let me forget to enroll Trig."

    1. She could be enrolling him after adopting him via her church as well.
      O this is all part of insurance fraud, which she was smart enough not to do...or was she?? If anyone had any cojones they would investigat her for insurance fraud, ut it is all covered u by her state frends or sarfs.

    2. @Anon 5:37 AM

      Trig was not adopted. Dr. CBJ went to the Anchorage Daily News for an interview the end of April, 2008. She brought her attorney with her. They asked her two questions:

      1) Did you deliver Trig? "She said..."yes," but didn't say from whom.

      2) They asked her if she talked to Gov. Palin in Texas on April 17, 2008, at 4:00 AM? "Again, she said yes."

      After that, she got up and walked out with her attorney. There was a picture of her in the paper (ADN) sitting next to her attorney. He was sitting to her right and she was turned looking at him. This has to be in their archives if someone wants proof.

      The e-mail indicates Sarah used her state insurance to pay for Trig's birth and other care. It said they were holding claims that needed to be paid. That's why they were asking for Trig's b/c.

    3. Yeah, so?
      Are you supporting insurance fraud then?

  13. @Orange

    Speaking of Audrey's blog, Palin's Deceptions, reminds me of how I sent Audrey an e-mail in Dec., 2007. For some reason, I just knew Bristol wasn't pregnant during the RNC. So, I sent Audrey an e-mail telling her this but she never responded.

    Her blog was so caught-up with the rumor..."Bristol had a preemie and then got pregnant again"...supposedly from people high-up in Alaska, that it was almost impossible to discuss the possibility Bristol was using another child.

    It wasn't until after the e-mail came out, and around the end of Aug., 2009, that Audrey started to think that maybe Bristol wasn't pregnant a second time. Her last Cornerstone posts I and II, discusses this. Then, like you said, she was gone.

    Bree's blog picked up after Audrey left. She was terrific. Her posts on the fake dolls and everything, was amazing. It was Bree who saw my comment on Gryphen's blog about the e-mail. Since it was sent out from Juneau, I thought that would be the best place to call attention to it. To this day, Gryphen has not even mentioned it.

    After Bree saw the e-mail, she did a post on it. Shortly after, she, too, was gone. She said she was taking a vacation but I've always wondered if she was threatened.

    I'd like to end this comment with something Audrey wrote on her blog before she left:

    "There is a baby, who has been presented to the media on numerous occasions as Tripp Johnston. He appears to be the correct age (more or less) for having been born on 12/27/08. This is obviously very compelling. However, it must be pointed out that it is possible to obtain a baby other ways, first (legally and permanently via adoption) and second, via borrowing a child on numerous occasions. Both scenarios would be risky in terms of being exposed. But either one is POSSIBLE, and that is a fact."

  14. I'm a little lost, Ginger: why would the Palins have started a rumor about an early '08 preemie birth when the whole point of the charade was to claim that Trig was Sarah's biological child?
    Also, yes, with their extended family of breeders presumably it would not have been too hard to borrow a baby for early appearances. Or to acquire a baby permanently via adoption. But by all indications Levi is Tripp's biological father. If he wasn't, would Levi really have devoted so much time, energy, and resources to the fight for custody? Would he have accepted Gryphen's help, when it clearly cuts across his grain? If the '08 pregnancy was faked, the only possibility is that Tripp was born much earlier, i.e., before Trig. The more I think about my scenario above (725am), the more sense it makes.

  15. @Anon 9:24 PM

    The Palins started the rumor to pacify the people that used the internet. As I pointed out, we all thought she faked her pregnancy. Rumors were all over she did. After they said Bristol was five months pregnant, the rumors stopped..."cold."

    I'll never forget. I had told several people she faked a pregnancy and it was her daughter who had Trig. After they announced Bristol's pregnancy, my phone rang off the hook. They were telling me how wrong I was because her daughter was five months along and she couldn't possibly have been pregnant and delivered Trig.

    This was the Palins way of making room for Bristol to have two babies in one year. If the RNC had agreed to use Trig's birth certificate, Sarah wouldn't have had to spread the rumor. Bristol wouldn't have had to be paraded PG around the stage in front of millions of people. It was just easier for McCain's team to put out the story that Bristol was PG.

    You say..."But by all indications Levi is Tripp's biological father." There is absolutely not one shred of evidence Levi is. As I've said before, I think Levi went to the convention to please Sarah and get help for his mother who, apparently, had a serious drug problem. He knew Sarah, as governor of the state, could help him.

    Sherry Johnston was arrested for "selling" ten oxy pills. She was not arrested for "using drugs." Sarah must have agreed to help Levi but she sure wasn't going to pay for it. By having her arrested (yes, it was a set-up), they were able to put her through rehab and then when she was released, three years of being on an ankle bracelet with random urine testing. The State of Alaska paid for this. It was all documented on Mercede's blog.

    The Palins/Johnstons made this story out to be..."how mean the Palins were and they had poor Levi's mother arrested." To this day, I see it brought up to further vilify the Palins. These people work together but they want everyone to think they are at each others throats. You know, like the Hatfields and McCoys. That creates the drama and enables them to sell stories to the tabloids.

    Back to Levi. This part is my theory but I don't think that when Levi agreed to accompany Bristol to the RNC, and pretend to be her fiancee, he actually knew they were going to come up with a baby. It was not easy for Levi to attend the convention. He was a young, redneck kid from small town Wasilla. That alone was a lot to handle.

    I think it was after the election he was asked to play the role of the future Tripp's father. I'm sure he balked but they showed him a birth certificate with his name on it and told him of the thousands-of-dollars he would make from appearances and the opportunities he would have. That's how they sucked Levi in.

    This saga of the Palins/Johnstons is so bizarre, you couldn't write a soap opera about it because no one would believe it.

  16. It was a lot for Levi to handle at the convention, but look at his face and eyes....he was feeling no pain. He was chill. He was high!!

  17. omg sphash
    Get rid of the i am not a robot picture verifier. Half the time it loads wrong and is fucking annoying if you want to make few comments.


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