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Friday, June 3, 2016

Flashback Friday: Doggate


  1. Hey $ara, did you or Menard's son kill Jill? Did Trig collapse her ribs when he used her as a footstool? Or was it during one of your meth tinged rages?
    You remember Jill, riiight, the therapy dog that should have gone to a deserving vet? You know, VETS...that percentage of the population you keep screechin that you care so damn much about? Yeah, those.

    $carrah's Iowan drinking buddy, Becky Beach, gave that poor little black lab to the Paylin's for free. Well, free except the advertising that went with that STUNT. That Puppy Jake Foundation is a money laundering scam.
    Becky Beach is the Secretary of this Battleship USS Iowa foundation and also the fundraising expert for them. Notice that Puppy Jake Fndn and this one have more than a '6 degrees' relationship. This is the ship where $ara got paid to screech a few times. Becky got free advertising to con more donations for her scam kennel, $ara got fake military cred AND $$. Crisscross, bitches? That USS Iowa Fndn also had a lot of money go missing a few years back. All this info is a few clicks away thanks to google. Becky also had serious Iowan GOP cred via her mom. Bet this connection means jack shit to $carry today, but back when the dog stunt was pulled(April 2014), old bag Scarry was still trying desperately to be one of the establishment GOP. So humiliating, $carry! Nobody wants you around.

  2. So, where is that poor dog? Obviously she wasn't a trained therapy dog--she was barely out of puppy stage when the Palins got her. She's mysteriously disappeared, just like the rest of Palin's animals over the years.

    Listening to Screech shriek her screed, I was reminded of just how fucking stupid she is. President Obama, as a young child, was fed something that Americans don't normally eat. That's very different than an adult (Palin, one assumes) taking pictures of a child actively abusing a doc.


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