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Friday, June 24, 2016

Flashback Friday: Paul Revere warned the British


  1. That day the Wasilla Banshee was obviously high as a kite on some sort of drug.

    She is such an idiot!

    The tone of her voice changing pitch is a blatant sign she is lying, and has no freakin' idea what to say.

    Palin's head is full of Scrabble tiles. She shakes it every now and then, to see what words are formed, and spews them out in classic word salad.

    100% uneducated, ignorant, racist, xenophobic, fake Christian, lunatic.

    1. Scrabble tiles. LOL

  2. Thought this clip would be perfect for this post. Here's the link

    Hope y'all laugh as much as I did.

    1. That was hilarious, thanks Scorpie.

  3. In her mind Sarah Palin was launching her presidential campaign with that ill-fated and ill-conceived bus trip.

    It's hard to believe that she's even more stupid now.

  4. By accident, I ended up looking at a post from May, the one where Sarah Palin blamed Katie Couric for asking that gotcha question, "What do you read?" as if people in Alaska didn't have books or newspapers.

    Katie also asked Sarah about a comment she had made during her interview with Charlie Gibson. Gibson asked Palin about her foreign policy experience and Palin cited the maritime border that Alaska shared with Russia. Couric followed up, asking how that border gave Palin foreign policy experience. That's when Sarah gave the eye rolling answer about when Putin rears his head, where does he go? Alaska air space, and Sarah had to keep an eye on the skies, to keep us safe from Putin. That stupid answer gave rise to Tina Fey's popular comment, "I can see Russia from my house." So, Sarah, it wasn't "What do you read?" It was Any Time You Opened Your Mouth that made people realize that you were stupid, too stupid to be the VP.

    It seems that when Sarah Palin speaks or posts something on the internet, she continues to confirm that she really is stupid. Within minutes of hearing a lecture about the history of Paul Revere, Sarah had him ringing those bells and firing those warning shots. She never learned about Paul Revere in school. If they taught it, Sarah forgot it as quickly as she forgot something that was said to her minutes before in the Old North Church.

    In her facebook today, Sarah compared the UK voting to leave the EU as the same thing as the colonists freeing themselves from Great Britian. The two situations are not the same, but in Sarah's muddled mind, close enough. There's England and someone is voting to leave. How much more detail do you need? Ring those bells and fire those warning shots!


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