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Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Flashback: Charlie Gibson interview


  1. She had no effing clue what the Bush Doctrine was. And she tried to wing it after after "In What Respect Charlie" schooled her. She couldn't give a simple "yes" or "no" answer
    when he asked her specifically. Also, too, she looked like she didn't want to be there period. If she was loony then she's even loonyier now. She hasn't improved but gotten worse through the years.

  2. Hahaha....Charlie called it "a blizzard
    of words"...that's before "word salad"
    was coined.

  3. Bwahahahahaha...thank you for revisiting a classic!

  4. Palin never did answer Charlie's question. He explained what the Bush Doctrine was when it was obvious she didn't have a clue, then he gave Sarah several opportunities to answer his question regarding Pakistan with a simple "yes" or "no". She couldn't do it.

    1. And her encore performance... "we can't second guess Israel, can't second guess Israel, can't second guess Israel". He asked her the same question 3 times and couldn't get and answer there, either.

      I think at this point she's beginning to realize she might be in over her head this time. By the time she had the Couric interview she knew she couldn't pull it off any longer. Eventually, she would come to abandon all pretense of politics and run on a cult of personality. The rubes will buy that. When Sarah talks, to us it sounds funny but to her followers, it all makes sense. Trump does the same thing. He talks and talks and doesn't say anything, but It makes sense to his fans.

      She and Trump are alike in so many ways. They are both no-nothing narcissists who bullshitted their way to get close to the highest offices in the land. Neither are qualified; neither of them are good at what little they have done, and neither of them actually want to work. They like the attention of running for office but don't actually want to do the job. They both use their children as props and both hide behind a new and sudden desire to champion the veterans (as long as they don't have to actually do anything more than just talk about it). And when they don't get their own way, they whine about how they are being treated unfairly, especially by the media.

      It's deja vu all over again.

  5. This interview again?

    Give her a break!

    She was confused. Or dazed. Or both.

    She might have ADD or something, possibly she was mentally fixated on the unusually rare and non political word Charlie the Secret Commie used in his attempt to refudiate her election.


    Who the he*l uses that word?

    Doctrine is what the doctor does at the Doctor's office! Just ask Bristol about what goes on at Jack-Meoff's! Lots and lots of doctrine! In between the halibut fishing and Vegas parties.

    Sarah didn't understand Charlie and his wierd Doctrine? GMAFB!

    Walk in her Naughty Monkey pumps sometime and maybe you'll understand what happened.


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