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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Happy 7th month birthday Sailor Palin!

If Sailor really was born on Dec 23, 2015 she would not be able to stand like that with help.

And Dakota has caught the Palin grifting bug as he is using his daughter as a prop:

We are flying Delta Airlines this Memorial Day weekend and just wanted to say thanks for all their support and making sure my most precious cargo is happy. — with Delta.

And it looks like Duh is shacking up with Bristol.  I predict he will get an STD:

That is Bristol's kitchen.  And Bristol is

wearing her old engagement ring.


  1. Yes, Sailor absolutely could stand up like that if born Dec. 23. No I don't believe she was born then.

  2. So Bristol put the ring back on (thanks, Mom) and now they are engaged again. For a while Bristol made it difficult for Dakota to see Sailor, and now they are one happy family. I don't know why I suspect that Mama Sarah is behind this, cleaning up Bristol's image from single unwed mother of two children (by two different fathers). As for Dakota and Bristol, they deserve each other.


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