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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sarah Palin blasts Paul Ryan for doing what she wanted


Ryan has barely condemned the terrorist attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando killed 50 and landed another 53 in the hospital.

“Paul Ryan is out of touch with his constituents,” said the former GOP vice presidential candidate. “Those who have put their faith in him with their sacred vote.”

Leaders like Ryan have not come up with the plan or the will to confront the threat, she said. “What is the number of lives lost before our leadership will wake up and deal with the problem?”

The problem is radical Islam, she said.

“It’s a deadly ideology. It is embraced by people who lie,” she said. “They will strike again. They will continue.”

Palin said Trump was right when he called out the federal government’s inability to properly screen immigrants and refugees from Muslim countries. But, instead of siding with Trump, Ryan disparaged him.

The Speaker had the chance to stop President Barack Obama’s plans to bring in Syrian refugees before systems were in place to protect the American people, but he chose to fully fund Obama’s plans.

The hilarious thing is, Paul Ryan not only condemned the terrorists, he also used the I word:

House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan, commenting on Sunday's mass shooting in Orlando, said: "As we heal, we need to be clear-eyed about who did this. We are a nation at war with Islamist terrorists."



  1. Geesh is right!
    Sarah now has her very own war to fight against the almighty journalists who can carefully craft their blogs to unveil her sham of existence.
    These individuals are equipped to win the war on Sarah's evils and all lies Palin. They have critical thinking skills and are highly educated so the ability to effectively communicate is a tremendous advantage.
    Her reign of terror is just about over.
    Sarah does not have jack and is being outgunned.
    Bet she runs for the truck.

  2. Tick, tock, Sarah...Karma is coming for you.

  3. Bye bye skank. And your bitch brisdull. Gotta be honest - I can't stop laughing!


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