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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sarah Palin dislikes herself

From Sarah's Fecebook page


Dear Congress:

Do your flippin' job and hold your chosen "leader" accountable for lying to a very concerned and fed-up American public. Make your guy set the record straight and publicly apologize for this... NOW. If not, your complicity in dealing with Lyin' Ryan screams of your approval of political deception and corruption has infested your whole lot, rotting Congress to the core.

Dear Wisconsin,

See how this works? As you merely ask for honesty in politicians, simply asking they govern as they campaigned, they'll trample on the trust and sacred vote you gave them when not held accountable for deceiving you. Let us help you replace disappointing politicians with leaders your great state deserves.…/decepticons-in-sunl…/…/paul-ryan-lies-oreilly-falsely-…/
- Sarah Palin

Sarah used to be a politician so she must really dislike herself then.  Yes I'm no Paul Ryan fan either but I would rather much have a Democrat take his place.


  1. Her rants are increasingly incoherent, and she had already set the bar pretty high on the incoherence scale. Me-thinks the SarahPAC numbers are within rounding error of $0, and $arah is loosing her shit over it.

  2. She needs to go home and sleep it off. Her manic outbursts are disturbing to say the least! Poor skanky Sarah didn't get the bump in publicity she expected when her - dumb as a box of rocks baby maker daughter - hooked up with DUHkota! Haha

  3. Let'er rip. Sarah!
    You are making perfect sense.
    In some alternate universe.
    I see you still have a message that needs to be heard and Fecebook rocks! It is the usual choice for non- graduating journalists.
    Glad you stop by to read here. Shouldn't you be balancing the books?

  4. I would guess self loathing she projects onto the rest of the world because of childhood trauma (Chuckie). She's a very damaged and hateful personality.

  5. There's someone new in the family, and you can't step on him like your service dog.

    That guy your daughter says she married.

    It must be disturbing when your daughter finally marries.

    The mother suddenly becomes the mother in law.

    People are telling you lots of MIL jokes you don't want to hear.

    You heard them when your son was married, and now it's unflippin believable that these same people are telling the same bad jokes!

    It's not like you are a bad mother in law.

    Even worse, you have to concede a lot of influence and control over your daughter to the new guy.

    The new guy is taking your place.

    The new guy suddenly has a hold on a lot of the strings connected to your oldest and most reliable puppet.

    Will he understand just how important all that blogging is to the family business? That's the commercial fishing business amirite?

    Then you lose some sleep hoping your daughter doesn't know any family secrets you don't want shared around.

    Even worse would be worrying about secrets your daughter may know but doesn't realize are secrets.

    Before long your daughter's new husband might even start thinking about shit canning the legal help you picked and paid to represent you and your daughter.

    The only thing that would burn even more- the new son in law setting your daughter up with the legal help that he hired to file that child custody action against your daughter.


    06/17/2016 Substitution of Counsel Upon Consent
    Attorney: Tiemessen, John J (9111105)
    Filing Party: Palin, Bristol
    Case Motion #27

    06/17/2016 Attorney Information
    Attorney Colbo, Kimberlee representing Plaintiff Palin, Bristol as of 06/17/2016

    06/17/2016 Attorney Information
    Attorney Tiemessen, John J dismissed/withdrawn for Palin, Bristol on 06/17/2016

  6. She's an ass. Image captures it well.

  7. "...As you merely ask for honesty in politicians, simply asking they govern as they campaigned..."

    See how this works, Sara? Alaskan voted for you based on your campaign to be a 4-year governor of this fine state.

    You didn't do what you were voted in to do. Serve the four-year term you were elected to.

    Sign me as...An Alaskan who is still mad that you quit on us!

    (Though I didn't vote for Palin and am glad she's gone.)

  8. I'm in Wisconsin, Walker is as crazy as Sarah. Both $arah and Walker are in for a big surprise in November when we tell both of them, "GET THE F**K OUT OF POLITICS, YOU CRAZY ASSHOLES!".

  9. Sarah is trying so hard to be noticed. When is Fox going to call and ask her to come back, all is forgiven? She must need a lot of donations for her PAC. Those expenses are not going to pay themselves.


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