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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Sarah Palin still uses Trig as a prop

Recently Skanky was in San Diego to stump for Trump.  Here she is leading Trig on stage at the rally:

The worst thing is Trig doesn't understand what is going on.  Sarah, Todd, and Donald may you all rot in hell.


  1. The shirt Trig has on looks like it is much too big and none too fresh. Any child that young, and especially a child with Trig's disabilities, should not be dragged on to a stage for a political rally. It's one thing when entire families of candidates who have just received their party's nomination fill the stage. But that little boy simply hasn't a clue and it's obvious that Sarah could care less about him.

    1. I so agree with your post, beaglemom! And the shirt and always "black pencil skirt" are trashy. The top looks like her wonky eye picked it out in her closet because the other eye is blind.
      Trump even lies about classiest.

  2. It is hard to imagine she would use Track Palin now.

    She must be working over time to revise Bristol the Pistol, most famous for her faked virginity and all the scuzzy that is Palin twat what.

    Sarah is too cheap to pay for a MOH wedding, maybe she sprang for a Hawaiian Luau at Benihaha for the 'power couple'. Poor Sarah, I guess that fantasy is dead now.

  3. The comments over at C4P are hilarious. One clown has claimed Sarah is dragging Trig around to get him accustomed to crowd noise for when she is campaigning as the Vice-Presidential nominee.

    Those loony C4P people live on another planet.

  4. Can Trig speak full sentences yet? How often does Bristol abandon him to go on trips?

  5. Recent photos on Sarah's Facebook showed her with Trig at a baseball game. The boy was holding a baseball, but he seemed oblivious to the game. Let's face it. Does anyone think that Trig is such a fan that he knows that it's three strikes and you're out, four balls and you walk to first base. Someone pointed out that the blond haired nanny was also with them at the baseball game. That makes me wonder who is taking care of Sailor Grace while the Happy Couple are on their honeymoon.


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