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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Sarah Palin will campaign with Donald Trump tomorrow

From Daily Camera

Sarah Palin will join Donald Trump in Denver on July 1 to kick off the Western Conservative Summit, organizers said Wednesday morning.

The 2008 vice presidential pick and former Alaska governor is a favorite of the conservative base. She announced her endorsement for Trump in January. The presumptive GOP presidential nominee announced last week he would attend the summit, the largest annual gathering of conservatives outside Washington, D.C.

Though the summit, which began in 2010, normally starts on Friday night each year, Trump and Palin will speak Friday morning at the Colorado Convention Center.

"We've added an additional session Friday morning with Mr. Trump, so we reached out to some other folks who have been part of his effort and have been endorsing him and she accepted," said Jeff Hunt, the executive director of the Centennial Institute think tank at Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, which puts on the weekend-long event. "It's going to be a barn-burner. It's going to be a lot of fun."

The first speech will be at 10:30 a.m. Palin is expected to speak for a half hour and Trump will speak for an hour, though who speaks first has not yet been determined, Hunt said.

A few remaining tickets are available online. Day passes cost $120.

Palin gave a 35-minute speech to the Western Conservative Summit in 2014. A former reality TV star, like Trump, Palin hit on issues not familiar to the Trump campaign: immigration

"It's so nice to get to participate in something CCU is in charge of," Palin said to open her address two years ago. "They do such good work. They're like salt and light out there in the education arena."

She joked about Colorado's "snow-capped hills," reminding attendees that she's from Alaska, and then made a marijuana joke.

"Stepped off the plane, ah," she said, sighing and tilting back her head. "Todd reminds me: Don't inhale. We're in Colorado."

YES!  This should be a real hoot considering what an ass she made out of herself before there:


  1. So she and Todd were still appearing together in 2014? Wonder who'll be carrying her purse, wigs and drugs this time around-Piper? The unemployed Bristol and her lovely new family? Or maybe the other unemployed daughter? I suspect Track the army hero is restricted fro leaving Alaska.Too bad he has to miss Mommy's audition for VP this time around. He looked so comfortable on the trail in 2008.
    And some how 'Friday morning' is some prime speaking spot? HAHHAHAA.
    Oh I can tell you who speaks first-wig wearing witch. No one will Trump be upstaged by a woman.

  2. So $arah is in NYC today for her yuuuuge Match Game taping, but no appearances on any of the major network morning shows?

    Tsk tsk; gone are the days when she was clamored for!

  3. "Tawd reminds me." Yeah, RIGHT. When was the last time he traveled with her, even before his "accident?"

    It's well documented that they've inhaled and ingested a lot worse than the big, bad marijuana also too.

    GAWD, her shtick is long past expiration date.

  4. OMG The intro by Dan Caplis was nauseating. 'It is a privilege to be in the same room as Gov Palin.' 'She is one of the most influential women in the world.' If he only knew.

  5. 'They are like salt and light in the education area'.
    WTF does she want to say with that??? What does salt have to do with education (unless you teach chemistry, I guess), and what does light have to with the same (unless you teach physics or biology)? What doey have to do with each other???

  6. Well, we know that if Gov Quittypants did inhale, she'd be a lot more chill. We also know that she's a drunk and a meth head. So, hey, Tawd-STFU!!


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