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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Walt Monegan is now back on the job

Welcome back Walt!  Alaska's new safety commissioner.


  1. There's many of us that live up here that aren't exactly thrilled with "Walt" being back on the job. Talk about someone who like to throw his considerable weight around. Go ahead and put "Frostine Monegan" into Alaska Court View and prepare to be amazed. His daughter boiled a 4 year old boy ALIVE and ended up doing a few months in a halfway house for it. His son has been a menace to society up here in dozens of ways for many MANY years, yet never spends a day in jail. Burglary, armed robbery, drug dealing, probation violations galore, you name it and good old "Walt" gets them right out of it and back on the streets

    1. Is that a fact.
      Where's the link?

    2. Those charges sound very similar to the ones the Palin family should have been hit with, repeatedly, yet skated away due to Sarah's coercion!

  2. Many in Alaska do like and respect Walt Monegan! Happy he is back on the job and know he'll handle it extremely well!

    Good luck, Walt, from an admiring Alaskan!


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