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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Who is more insane, Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders?


We have Bernie who absolutely won't give up and is willing to scorch earth the Democratic party to make his point and is unfit for office.

Then we have Donald who says outrageous things, has no political experience and is unfit for office as Hillary said.

What do you think?


  1. That's some hard choice. Bernie has always been the independent voice. After all of those rallies and thousands of people cheering for him, it must have gone to his head. But, he is a smart man with some good ideas and when his swollen ego shrinks back to normal size, I hope that the Clinton people can find a way to include Bernie so he can remain an active contributor, Bernie is not a hopeless crazy person. He just has to return to reality and bathe some wounds to his ego.

    Trump really is a crazy person or else he is crazy like a fox. Some people think that he really does not want to be president, judging from the terrible racist things that he said about the judge. He doesn't have much of a campaign staff or a ground operation in place. He has no plans to offer, only slogans and jargon. But he does have that massive ego to feed. He loved being the insult comedian. He loved the applause. I think that he even liked the violent reactions to his speeches. It's all about him. Even when he was given a script to follow, he had to keep inserting his own phrases, just because he can't control himself.

    And that is probably the answer. I think that eventually, people will be able to reason with Bernie and he will return to reason. No one can reason with Trump. He takes no advice and he does not see the damage caused by his racist remarks. He craves attention. He has put himself in the spotlight for years, even keeping the birther thing going long after it ceased to be an issue. He is a spoiled child who cannot be controlled. He has been that way for years, and it doesn't look as if he is capable of learning anything or changing. When another insult gets under his thin skin, he will explode again.

  2. Anonymous at 10:58 AM, that's a well-reasoned comment. But I fear the most influential person in Bernie's life is his wife. What little I know about her is negative. Her tenure as President of Burlington College was grossly incompetent at best, and deliberately fraudulent at worst. Her doctorate is from an institution many call a diploma mill. (It's the same school which granted Michelle Bachmann's husband the credentials to "convert" gay people to heterosexuals.)

    Jane Sanders is ambitious, and she is eager to ride her husband's coattails into the White House. Behind closed doors, she may be pressuring him to never give up, in order to satisfy her own needs for power and glory. She's loving the attention she's getting throughout this process. Can cooler heads, in the form of seasoned campaigner advisers, prevail and make Bernie see the handwriting on the wall?

    Beyond that, Bernie's facade as a tough, determined proponent of common sense and social justice has cracked. Underneath is a sour fanatic whose decisions are based more on pigheadedness than rationality.

    Also, his much-vaunted revolution may be getting out of hand. We've seen it with chair-throwing at rallies, and now some of his followers are making threatening noises on TWitter, directed at the media.

    I hope you're right and that he can keep his giant ego in check long enough to make the right choice, end his campaign, and work productively with the Democratic nominee. It's in everyone's best interest.


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