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Monday, June 13, 2016

Why I think Bristol and Dakota's marriage isn't real

From Sarah's Fecebook page:

All our families' hearts are filled with love for Dakota, Bristol, Tripp, and Sailor Grace. It's been a rewarding and interesting ride this past year - but these two sure do love an adventure! As their biggest supporters, we're stratospherically happy it's happened, amidst running a little late! Like they said, the foundation of their new life together is built with hard work and God's grace, so they can't go wrong - their future is as bright as Alaska's midnight sun.
- Todd and Sarah Palin…/190594_bristol_palin_marries_dakot…/

Note Sarah did not mention the words "marriage" and wedding" in her post, just posted a link.

When was the "wedding day".  Couldn't have been on the 4th as Tripp was attending a wedding with his dad and stepmom:

Had a great time at the most stunning wedding ‪#‎morrowwedding‬:

I doubt Bristol would invite Levi and his family to her wedding and if she was getting married on the 4th she would insist Tripp be there.

Let's go down the timeline of events regarding the breakup to now.

Bristol and Dakota call off the wedding, Bristol and Tripp go back to Alaska:

Sarah wagging her finger in Dakota's face
Bristol and Dakota take pictures of themselves down on social media after the breakup

Bristol announces she is pregnant, calls it a "huge disappointment"

In an instagram post Bristol claims her baby's daddy doesn't want to be part of her life.

Shortly after birth Dakota's files lawsuit demanding custody.  Sarah blasts him over it.

Bristol tries to stall on letting Dakota see Sailor.  Claims bullshit that it interferes with her breastfeeding schedule.

Then there is this picture where they look like they don't even like each other:

The paternity test is never made public so we will never know who really fathered Sailor.

All of a sudden they are married.  WTF?

Now the pictures on Bristol's instagram account are gone.


  1. Sarah seemed to like Dakota very much when they held that FU Michael Moore sign together. Sarah liked Dakota enough that she pushed her daughter Bristol into rapidly hooking up with him...even provided an engagement ring and photographer!

    Bristol went rogue in February 2015, claimed she ruined her life and got pregnant AGAIN, by who knows what sperm donor. Bristol gave Dakota nothing but grief and thwarted him at every turn re her latest pregnancy. Sarah didn't miss a chance to condemn Dakota and at the same time did not even acknowledge that Bristol was pregnant.

    After much stalling around re custody, DNA results are not released, but Bristol wants the world to believe that Dakota is the bio father of Sailor Grace. The idiot falls for Bristol's lie or else has his own motive for accepting parenthood with Bristol, the town tramp.

    After months of standing up to Bristol and following good legal advice, Dakota suddenly caves and joins the Palin grifting team. Now Sarah again supports Bristol and Dakota!

    I think this is some sort of business arrangement between Dakota and Bristol, with Bristol having been told by her mother that after eight years the SarahPAC gravy train is about to end and she'd better find someone to support that passel of children. These two may or may not be legally married and I think it's now all about pretending for money and publicity.

    Sarah, IMO, wants to again use the MOH for her own political purposes, since she is loathed by the mainstream GOP that she vilifies. I think Sarah, Bristol and Dakota deserve each other. Poor Sailor and Trig. Tripp has the wonderful Levi and Sunny, who provide him with love and normalcy.

  2. If Bristol wants to use Duhkota's VA benefits, then I believe that she needs a marriage certificate.

  3. The question is why he would play along, knowing full well that Sailor is not his child. Any beard in a storm?
    (I miss maloe!)

    1. Maybe they threatened her just like what they did to Levi and his mother and sister.

  4. I have never believed that they're married. If they are, it will be for a short time unless MOH likes being lead around by a ring in his nose, and &arah has contacts for his (cough) budding political career.

    I've thought him dumb since his Vegas Michael Moore sign. His alignment with that tribe only confirms it. Sorry, DUH, don't come crying when it all goes to sh*t because it WILL. Mark my words.

  5. Her pics are gone, just like when they broke up a week before their supposed wedding (which was a sham only anyway - not registered anywhere, no excitement about selecting the flowers, the venue, the menu, the dress, etc - NOTHING. I won't buy it from that bunch of Grifters with a capital G! They could have grifted so much from the supporters of $arah.
    Same now. Sure, they 'might' have eloped, but I do not think so. Because both of these, MOH and DOH, are grifters and would welcome any type of gifts they could get - even if only to turn around and sell them!

    1. Isn't it funny that none of the tabloids ran any kind of a big spread about their getting married. Sure, they were waiting for the big money pay out for photos, but the only photos showed them in the waters of Hawaii. No white gown, no cake, no nothing. Sarah's facebook post was less than being up in the stratosphere with delight and happiness.

  6. I think that part of their new arrangement is spelled out on Bristol's blog. That didn't read like a Nancy French ghost written piece. Nancy hasn't been around since May. It may have been a new writer, but the writer sounded far too smart to pretend to be writing in Bristol's voice. Dakota has written a few facebook posts, and he is lucky to have gotten out of high school. He didn't write it either.

    The new copy might signal their desire to be "relevant" in political conversation. They would put themselves in a ridiculous position because their aim would be to end up on TV, where their limited vocabulary and their utterly boring personalities would be a limitation. I can't imagine why Bristol and Dakota form a better team than each of them working alone. Another reality show? After Bristol's flop of a show?

    There was something else funny about their "marriage." Tripp may have been with Levi, but what happened to Sailor Grace? Did they take her along? Was Piper pressed into baby sitting duties? No one mentioned Sailor Grace.

    There could be one more reason for Dakota and Bristol to get married so quickly, without a dress, presents, a cake or anything. Did Bristol get ahead of herself again, and this time, she cannot afford to have a huge disappointment? Why would Dakota help her out? Someone above mentioned that Dakota needs the cover of marriage (a beard). While Bristol has been public about going from guy to guy, we haven't seen Dakota with anyone in a serious situation, while he did post his daily "sayings" and a plug for the gun or holster people. There is a question, though. Why would Dakota suddenly help Bristol out or just go along with this rushed "marriage" when just a few weeks earlier, she was fighting him in court and making it hard for him to see Sailor. It's unusual for Bristol to post instagram pictures non-stop and now she has gone silent again. They are two strange people, and this is a strange story.

  7. And not a peep about the big event on Bristol's own Facebook page.
    Maybe one of Dakota's relatives stepped in to babysit the wee one...and is taking the opportunity to have their own DNA test done...?


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