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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Will Sarah quit today?

Will Sarah bail out today of meeting with James Carville?


  1. Of course she will. She knows she will look like the idiot, she is. If she doesn't, then then she will show people what an idiot she is (those of us who don't already know ).
    The level of intelligence and knowledge that she's up against is one of the top political minds vs an IQ of less than 90.

  2. Her feeble overworked platitudes are no match for Carville. She either quits or is shitfaced.
    With her limited intellectual capacity, she should be bagging groceries and being kind to her "special people" fellow baggers.
    Two things preclude that ever happening:1)She is never kind, and 2)she would never get hired.
    Oh! And highly allergic to work.

  3. Sarah's facebook post indicates that yesterday she was heading to Politicon. If you watch the video, you can judge how much therapy Trig has had to work on his verbal skills. And speaking of verbal skills, that facebook post was written by a woman who claims to have majored in journalism, or was it communications?

    Stopped by cousin's house yesterday on the way to Anchorage airport for trip to POLITICON convention in California. Here's Trig's sweet send-off!

    Perhaps he's sensing I may be in the lion's den today delivering a speech the not-so-conservative convention has titled: "Why Your Average Everyday Garden-Variety American is (Ticked) Off and Trump is Winning", so he put extra effort in his cheering.

    I love a challenge, so armed and loaded for bear after my son's great cheer, I'm headed in to the event to share some reality on behalf of Americans with righteous indignation.

    1. I saw that and thought the exact same thing. Even non syndrome toddlers have better verbal skills than Trig at 8 does.

    2. WTF kind of word salad was that???!!! Also, the video... HOLY CRAP!!!


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