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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Bristol Palin forgot the promise she made regarding Tripp and Sailor

From Daily Mail

Bristol Palin may be trying to keep her children off of social media, but the proud mom couldn't help but share a snapshot of her seven-year-old son Tripp posing with his soccer medal. 
The 25-year-old took to Instagram on Monday to post a photo of her eldest child donning his soccer uniform while holding up his new medal for his mom to see.   

'Fills my heart,' she captioned the image, which sees a smiling Tripp looking off into the distance.

A month ago the protective mom announced that she was trying not to share photos of Tripp and her seven-month-old daughter Sailor Grace on social media because 'there's been too many creeps recently'.  

And while she has made an effort to lightly blur some of their photos in recent weeks, it looks like the mom once again feels comfortable sharing snapshots of her kids with her 117,000 Instagram followers. 

However, she did make sure to blur out the logo on Tripp's soccer uniform for his safety in the new photo, which is the first one she has posted of him in over two months. 

Earlier on Monday, Bristol shared a sweet photo of her new husband Dakota Meyer, 28, walking with their daughter Sailor and Tripp, her son with her ex-fiance Levi Johnston. 

The snapshot, which was taken from behind, sees Tripp wearing a sweatshirt over his soccer uniform while he walks alongside his new stepfather.

Meanwhile, Sailor is bundled in a purple fleece as her father holds her on a carrier that is attached to his back. 

'Favs,' Bristol captioned the picture of her husband and children.

'Please do me a favor and support this amazing place and tell America how you feel about life, God, and guns,' she wrote of the shirts, which have the words 'Pro Life, Pro God, Pro Gun' splashed across the front.   

Just a few days before, she shared a picture of Dakota and Sailor posed in front of a replica Gatling gun, calling her little girl a 'future member of the NRA'.  

Dakota has also been busy sharing pictures of his family, and on Monday he posted a picture of Bristol making a face as the camera in the car while he took a work call.

'My world... Pulling off in a parking lot to take another call,' he wrote. 

Last week, Bristol shared a similar clip that sees her making kissing faces at Dakota while he was on the phone. 

The proud father also posted a picture of himself enjoying a hike with Sailor, who was strapped to his back.

'I finally figured out what all the hikes in the Marine Corps where preparing me for. #dakotameyer0317 #dadlife,' he captioned the image, which sees a smiling Sailor bundled up in purple fleece. 

Bristol and Dakota revealed on June 8th that they had gotten married in a secret ceremony, and the two lovebirds have been blissfully sharing photos of themselves enjoying their time together as newlyweds.

Kids I'm sorry but your mother lied to you again.  And unfortunately it won't be the last time either.

Dakota doesn't really look happy at all in those pictures with Bristol.  Guess the bloom has wilted off the rose.  Not that Bristol was ever a rose.


  1. So he talks while driving, and she distracts him even further. Besides the number of loaded gun sin the house, they take risks while driving. "Work call?" Gee, what does he work at? Seems like he's got all day to hang out with Sailor, drive Bristol wherever (what happened to HER phony job-she isn;t even pretending any more) and take photos. These two have no clue what work is. Sarah must be footing the bills for them too.

  2. No seatbelts, talking on the cellphone in a moving car, her making fishlips at him, he's ignoring her as hard as he can; what a great set of parents.

  3. Low life scums.
    Please quit procreating.

    1. I see one procreator and one beard. Both low life scums, you got me there.

  4. One of her ugliest pics in years is the fake tea pic. The setup is so artificial that I'm surprised the tea company that is paying her didn't make her take it down.

    She probably only gets ten dollars a pic but she'd do it for less.

  5. In that last picture, it shows that he NEEDS A BRA!!! Those are almost Belmonts! His MIL dearest, Tundra Turd, must be JEALOUS!


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