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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Dakota and Sarah are using Bristol's blog as a springboard for Dakota's political career

From the formerly known as Brancy's blog:

1. Her husband’s scandal with Monica Lewinsky shows the character and morals of the family that would be leading our country. 

2. Hillary is part of the same old “Machine” that got us where we are now which is – $19,400,940,249,000 dollars in debt.

3. Hillary’s stance on the 2nd amendment – We have a constitutional right to bear arms. Our constitution is what founded our country. It should be protected, not changed. Hillary thinks we should do what Australia did.

4. Hillary’s stance on pro life. This is what she said about it – Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” today that “the unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights.” 

.. You all know how pro life I am to the core. I want a president who will value life – who will protect all life. 

5. Hillary’s inconsistencies of her views. It shows her lack of a backbone – she has none!! She just says what people want to hear. “I think a marriage is as a marriage has always been, between a man and a woman” – that was Hillary Clinton in 2000. Here is more of what she said her stance on same sex marriage in 2004. It was only in 2013 when she truly changed her stance on this issue in particular. 

6. She obviously can’t be trusted with confidential information – look at her handling the government’s confidential emails! As Secretary of State she should have been held to the highest standard. She should be treated like others who hold government positions and held accountable for her all of her actions. She (nor anyone else on any side of the political spectrum) should not be ABOVE THE LAW. 

7. The last time she left the White House it was left a mess and missing over $190,000.00 in taxpayer’s property! 

8. Hillary’s special interests. I saw the best quote the other day, that I think fits perfectly with Hillary; “Congress should wear NASCAR suits so we know who’s sponsoring them” – Hmm, nearly $22,000,000.00 in speeches in 2013-2015 alone. 

 9. Hillary can’t call it how it is – she is always pussyfooting around the facts. She doesn’t want to offend anyone – if it is an attack from ISIS – it needs to be called an attack from ISIS. Which brings me to her most corrupt actions… 

10. Benghazi – Hillary let four of our American’s to die during the attacks in Benghazi. She wouldn’t send help to save Ambassador Stevens, or the three other American’s that died on September 11th, 2012. If my husband was overseas I would NOT want her to be our commander in chief. Hillary Clinton has special interests, she doesn’t value our constitution or value life, for that I won’t be voting for Hillary Clinton for president. 

1. Bristol remember Shailey Tripp, Curtis Menard Jr, and Brad Hanson?  Your parent's paramours.

2. Hillary is actually a fiscal conservative.  When she did ask for money it was for more security in Libya which lead to Chris Stevens being murdered.

3. I wouldn't mind at all if we were more like Australia regarding to guns.

4. Hillary said abortion should be safe, legal, and RARE!  She does not advocate using abortion as a method of birth control.  BTW how many whiteouts have you had?

5. People do evolve Bristol.  It took a long time for me to be on the pro gay marriage bandwagon too.

6. At least Hillary didn't CC Bill on her emails, unlike your mother the half term twit.

7. Never happened.  At least she didn't vandalize someone's home and cut break lines to school buses.

8. Hillary is more articulate than you.  When was the last time someone paid $200,000 to listen to your mother toss word salad?

9.Obama has been kicking ass regarding ISIS.

10.Exonerated as well.  At a cost of hundreds of millions to the taxpayers.

This sounds like Dakota wrote it.  That explains the whole marriage deal.  He is using the Palins for a political career.

And who should take someone who participates in this crap seriously:

POLL: Does Dakota look better scruffy or clean?


  1. He's always going to look like a total slob. Bristol Palin so deserves him.

  2. I didn't read past Item #1.

    How in God's name does the Palin family presume to lecture ANYONE about morals and character?

    -- Sarah five months pregnant when she married the man who is NOT her son's father.

    -- Bristol: Two children by two different men; finally convinced one of them to marry her; at least six "trial husbands."

    -- Track: Alcoholic dopehead; one child conceived out of marriage; marriage ended after 18 months; beat the shit out of his pregnant girlfriend; now he is not permitted to be around his daughter unsupervised; girlfriend is knocked-up, no plans for marriage; lies about his "combat record."

    -- Willow: Arrested for vandalizing an empty house; cops reported "strong evidence of drug use and sexual activity" during the overnight party that trashed the house.

    -- And let's not forget the drunken street brawl.

    1. Poor baby told to stay home again.

      I remember Nichole Wallace and Steve Schmidt (UGH) both saying that if she even tried to get close again, she would be shut down. A political promise finally kept!

  3. I bet Bristol gets a boob job next. She has to be some envious of Dakota's breasts. And by the way, the tattoo on his left breast sure looks like HRC to me...are you supporting Hillary. MOH?

    1. Duh's photo has been flipped. The tattoo reads "INH".

  4. My vote re: your poll: Dakota would look best if he would wear a burka full-time.

  5. Where is he going to springboard to?? Alaska sure as hell won't elect him to anything, and we already know that mini-me can't leave mommy.

  6. The brake lines were cut elsewhere by someone else. Track and his friends unplugged the engine block heaters.

    1. 9:57am is correct. It was an incident two years before in which a different group of kids cut the brake lines on busses in Eagle River. Track and his buddies unplugged heaters, deflated tires and broke mirrors. Still bad, but two different incidences and two different groups of kids.

      Track's crime:

      Eagle River incident:

  7. "I bet Bristol gets a boob job next."

    I could be wrong, but I think I remember reading about a conversation with Piper within-in the last year discussing with someone that Bristol "got a little work done on her boobs," but that she got them fixed to look "perky" and not to look unnaturally huge. So she can probably already check that box.

  8. Excellent rebuttal.

    Sorta OT, but does anybody know if Dakota actually works? I mean, get up in the morning and go somewhere? Like setting up a new construction business brick and mortar place or something like that?

    Or is he Sailor (and Tripp's) full time care-giver on the days Bristol works? I'm assumming Bristol still works a few days a week, just to keep up the facade and they do need some income in addition to SPAC contributions, disability, and product endorsement.

    A stay at home dad has a lot of weight in divorce court when it comes to physical custody. I wonder if Bristol is worried about this?

  9. "A Special Medal of Honor pension of $1,259 per month above and beyond any military pensions or other benefits for which they may be eligible."

    That cash should not go very far in the Palin household.

  10. How come he looks always so exhausted in their pictures? He has a new pic up with Sailor on his back, seemingly on a hike. He looks totally exhausted. NOT in any shape like the (ex)Marines *I* know!

    Also, Barf$Tool is trying to distract him in her newest short video. Trying to distract him from distracted driving!

    They won't survive for long.

  11. Military term INH = I Need Help

    I would say that is correct ;)


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