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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Dakota Meyer gets a little pissy because the Dallas cop shooter was a veteran

From something called the Tribunist

I want to make this clear: when Micah Johnson took his rifle into the heart of Dallas and murdered cops, it had nothing to do with the fact that he served in the United States Army.

The media pundits are desperate to cast Johnson as an anomaly, and something that we can all dismiss as unrelated to Black Lives Matter. To this end, they’ve now turned to the stereotype of the vet suffering from PTSD in the hopes that we’ll relax and say “so that explains it.”

This is not about PTSD. It is not about being kicked out of the army for stealing underwear. This is about a home-grown hate group empowering individuals who feel compelled to do-the-right-thing. This is groupthink promoting revenge.

Black Lives Matter pays lip-service to peaceful protest, yet everywhere they go, there’s violence. Micah Johnson was the American equivalent of a suicide bomber. He knew he would die, and wanted to take as many cops with him as he could.

And now the media is wallowing in the aftermath. They’re spinning every police shooting that involves an African-America into a horrific tragedy that must have a Black Lives Matter protest response. And then they set up their cameras and broadcast the conflict. It’s a rating game.

I’m sick of it.

I fought for this country. I have as much skin in this country as anyone. Like everyone who goes and wears the nation’s cloth either serving overseas, or behind the badge—I put other people’s lives before mine. The police take those risks everyday.

When I was overseas, I fought with African-Americans. I fought with Hispanics. I fought with Republicans and Democrats. I didn’t have to fight for them, because they were there beside me.

You know what we fought for? We fought for Americans. We didn’t break the definition down with hyphens and only fight for our ethnic or religious favorites.

America is a nation of diversity. Religious diversity. Ethnic diversity. The day we forget is the day that we bridge into intolerable ignorance. That’s exactly what we’re seeing across the nation right now.

When the media looked for easy answers to explain Johnson’s killing spree, they needed a sound-bite. Racism or reverse racism—those concepts are too distasteful to consider long. So they jumped on his military service.

I’m a veteran. Here’s what I see. The veterans having a hard time returning to the U.S. after overseas deployment are having problems because of the strife they discover upon their return.

Do you think we leave our families, take our American ideas overseas, help build democracy, undermine the legitimacy of extremists—just to come home to this?

Is this what we were fighting for? I have four names on my wrist. Is this what these men died for?

So what’s the solution?

The media and political operatives need to quit stoking the fire. And we need to elect politicians like us.

The political elite in this country stands apart from the citizens who accept responsibility for their actions every single day of their lives.

They’re so obviously out of touch. When’s the last time you think Hillary Clinton bought her own groceries? Drove her own car? Filled her own gas tank?

Clinton’s support for Black Lives Matter is unfortunate.

Where is the constant presence of Black Lives Matter in Chicago? Why do we only see protests when a police officer kills a black man? Look at the numbers. How many black men are killed everyday by other black men? Where’s the Black Lives Matter shock and horror?

It doesn’t exist. You can’t point the finger at yourself. You can’t blame yourself, because then you are the one responsible.

And now, I fear, we’ve turned a corner with the activism. Micah Johnson was a terrorist. Terrorists use violence to achieve political, religious, or ideological goals. When Johnson took up arms against the Dallas Police Department, he became a terrorist.

It is easy to point the finger at what happened in Dallas, and say “that has to end,” but the rest of–those who throw rocks and wave signs and shout in each other’s face–we’ve got to stop fighting, too. It’s not about being white, black, Hispanic.

All lives matter. Black, brown, white, blue, green, or orange – All. Lives. Matter.

Everyone needs to be held accountable. Police officers using their weapons with deadly force must answer for their actions. And we have to allow our judicial system to do its job, too. And we, the citizens of this great nation, will hold them accountable.

The time has come to call out those who are promoting violence. They, too, should answer for their actions.

Our leaders need to stop dividing our country. I stood united with my brothers on the battlefield, and if we are going to combat racism, poverty, and fight against a system that’s obviously broken, we must stand together now. We must stand together as the United States of America.

Dakota no one is condoning what the shooter did.  PTSD may have played a role in.  You know PTSD, something you have and your brother in law Track doesn't.  

This part at the end of the article was interesting

Dakota Meyer served as a United States Marine Corps Scout Sniper. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions during the Battle of Ganjgal on September 8, 2009, in Kunar Province, Afghanistan.

He now enjoys his time with his wife, Bristol Palin, and their children while remaining active in veterans causes.

So Bristol isn't changing her name to Meyer?  And their "children"?  Tripp isn't Dakota's kid.


  1. Oh, Dumbkota, get over yourself. You don't have a clue what you are talking about.

  2. When is the last time Donald Trump bought his own groceries, drove his own car or filled his own gas tank?!

    1. My first thought when I read what Meyer's ghost writer wrote for him.

      Meyer must buy gas in Wasilla. Has anyone seen him behaving like a citizen? Buys his own groceries? He must be at the hard ware store often. I hear he is building walls in Wasilla now.

  3. Sounds like a Palin. Same old same shit, getting the buzz words down.

  4. I doubt Dakota wrote that . . . he barely graduated from high school. "Dakota's" comments were ghost-written, maybe by Nancy French, but definitely not by Duhhhkota.

    1. Definitely agree Redneck. I don't think he's capable of writing four coherent sentences let alone something this long.

    2. Agreed. Not his own words, and not his own logic (faulty as it is).

  5. It can't be PTSD because the vet was black. End of story.

    Anyway I'm tired of seeing fat, lazy, unemployed Pudding Boy.

  6. Notice the bio doesn't include a job or work of any description. He's a born Palin.

  7. Oh for fucksakes, get over yourself Duh! You make me sick with your grifting off your 'status'. Get a damn job, and go on a diet! Fat unemployed grifting rummy.

    Word to your mothah, they looked into Chris Kyle's lie,er,legacy and guess what happ'd?
    You had Bing West write what now?
    Yeah, those lies in Kyle's book got it all started for his widow to clean up his mess he left behind. His reputation is SHOT but not as bad as yours will be. Who will clean up your mess?

    We have quite a few veterans on both sides of my family, all Marines except one Navy SeaBee who was a POW during WW2, Okinawa. Those were heavily decorated men, who saw some SHIT and never felt the need to crow and grift regarding their service to this country. They were very tight-lipped about their service. So I feel a particular kind of anger about this. These men went thru hell and didn't have Bing West write a book of inflated lies in order to grift a living. These men took advantage of the GI Bill and got an education and bettered themselves and thus their families' lives. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

    You're an ASSHOLE of the first order, MOH. And you're fat as hell: What Marine lets himself look like that? Why not spend the time you used reminding us all of your 'bravery' in the gym working out? Or hiking? You live in a hiker's paradise!

    You're a disgrace.

    1. It's already started. Look at me. Look at me. Look at me. I'm a war hero - combat vet. I moved to Alaska so I can run for office, in fact, I've already started running with my on line posts showing everyone how patriotic and smart I am.

      John McCain was the only Vietnam P.O.W. vet (that I know of), out of about 650 P.O.W.s, that used being an ex-P.O.W. to make a living. Now Duh is trying to use his M.O.H. to win elected office. What a disgrace.

  8. Your opinion means nothing, DUH.
    You've more than proved who/what you are.

  9. Hey, Duhkota; how about the patriotic US Army guys that blew up that federal building in Oklahoma City and killed a bunch of little kids?

    Your ghost-writer is getting better at making you sound more coherent.

  10. Shut up Duh. You're drunk, again.
    You sure as fuck don't represent my Marine Corps.
    Responsible Marines don't need to brag about their exploits.
    They just shut the fuck up and carry on.
    Screw u Duh.

  11. If PTSD doesn't cause issues in those that have it, why are we tax payers giving Duhkota a huge payday every month because of it?
    Oh, and isn't that Doh's pic after a girl kicked his ass?

  12. MOH winners get only about $1250 per month for life, plus COLA, which ends with his death. Dakota won't get a career pension or any benefits accruing to his dependents, except PX and commissary shopping. He didn't serve 20 years.

    His kid(s) could have an additional benefit if they meet the stringent qualifications for West Point or the Naval Academy, in that they don't have be nominated by a bigwig and they aren't counted in the state quotient. Probably irrelevant for the child of uneducated parents like Bristol, Dakota, and anyone else who would bear his child. Yes, I'm a snob. My husband is a retired field grade officer. 160% total VA disability rating from Vietnam. I'd rather have him back than all the financial and health care benefits.

    1. My sympathies for your husband's difficulties, and my thanks for his service to our country.
      Your husband sounds like a true hero, the kind that did his duty, it sucked but he did it anyway, and he doesn't feel the need to embellish/outright LIE about his service record(like Duh/MOH). Once again, my sympathies for what your husband's service to our country cost him. This man truly deserves every benefit that can be given to him! THIS is what I want my tax dollars to be spent on, taking care of those who took care of us.


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