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Saturday, July 23, 2016

From Immoral Minority...the nasty texts between Levi and Bristol

As promised here are all the nasty texts regarding Bristol.

Thank you to Jesse Griffin at Immoral Minority for posting these on his blog.  I am posting them here as I want to spread the word far and wide what a nasty bitch Bristol Sheeran Marie Palin really is.


  1. What strikes me is how educated Levi apparently is. What a little writer!

    1. Eleventy grade! Yee haw!

    2. 7:10 and 10:27: I'm really trying to understand the motivation and purpose of your snark posts.

      God forbid you have any relation to Bristol, as it would just show continued vindictive behavior. Such behavior is not in the best interests of Tripp.

      I admire Levi so much for having the motivation and intelligence to obtain training in a difficult field. And then get up everyday and be a hard-working productive member of society. I cannot imagine the financial juggling and struggles he's gone through to become an accomplished and valuable employee.

      Likewise, I cannot imagine his personal disappointment when he had to stand back and bite his tongue, for years, as Bristol used Tripp as a meal ticket and as a conduit to publically humiliate him with false accusations. In my state it's called parental alienation, but I suspect Alaska is behind the curve on that.

      Moving forward, any decent person would want Tripp to spend as much time possible with Levi and his family.

      There is no way it can be argued against. Levi has made a Herculean effort to be a good daddy who shows his son only unconditional love.

      I do not know the parties. I got no dog in this fight except the fact I was a sole custody mother myself. If I could do it all over again, I would've tried harder to have my kids spend more time with dad and his new family. I cannot ever get those missed times back for my kiddos.

    3. @Anon 2:02 PM

      "Bristol used Tripp as a meal ticket..."

      Can I correct that? Bristol and Levi..."both"...have used the supposed Tripp as a meal ticket.

      Levi and Sunny just collected over $10,000 from GoFundMe donations to apply against back child support. All this was done without any evidence from the S.O.A. courts. No records what-so-ever to prove anything.

      Gryphen said levi has child support taken out of his wages. If so, it shouldn't be a problem having someone of authority prove there is an account with the state and Levi does, indeed, pay child support.

    4. Good points, Ginger. There is something about that money appeal which makes me uneasy. As you say - a total lack of documentation.

    5. Sounds like Brissy is annoyed that Levi's attorney bills were covered. We'll leep helping you Levi & Sunny, your family deserves a break!

  2. Yeah, it takes a lot of repeat explanations to get thru to Barstool. Did she even graduate from high school after she birthed her mono baby?

    1. This baby?

  3. What are the dates of these texts? Is Thursday to Sunday the current parenting plan for Levi? Is it every week or every other week? Did Bristol have a reason for the Thursday to Sunday time, such as making the parenting time coincide with Levi's work schedule? Did Levi live outside the school district and there would be difficulty in getting Tripp to and from school if there was more parenting time during the school week?

    When Bristol states "All the shit I put him through?" is she repeating what Levi texts? If Levi said that, is it in reference to other things such as up and moving to other states, using Tripp on tv, limiting contact between Levi and Tripp, asserting Levi was a "deadbeat dad," and showcasing "new daddies?"

    A little context would be helpful.

    But the text exchange refusing Tripp a playdate does show how Bristol limits contact just because she can.

    Was there even a professional child custody evaluation by a court-approved evaluator? If not, why not?

    Hopefully Levi can knock out the arrears and seek a parenting plan modification allowing Tripp more time with his Dad, stepmom, and half siblings. Clearly Tripp has a loving bond with Sunny and his baby sisters and the parenting plan should facilitate that relationship.

    1. Gee, a mere two paragraphs of questions demanding answers because you need more "context" to see what's going on? Does "Thursday - Sunday or I'll fight with my last dime." sound like Bristol is trying to work cooperatively?

      "Hopefully Levi can knock out the arrears and seek a parenting plan modification allowing Tripp more time with his Dad, stepmom, and half siblings." Are you new here? You seem completely unaware of what's been going on for the last 8 years.

  4. Your sarcasm doesn't change the message. Is that you Brissdul?

  5. Anyone know what the July 14 hearing was specifically about and what the outcome was?

    It gets really old, very quickly, to the new spouse if the bio is still obsessed with punishing her ex and denying parenting time.

  6. Correct me if I am wrong, Ginger and SPHASH, but wasn't the Gofundme account set up to help the Johnston's with LAWYER costs, NOT for child support? The most recent court fiasco wasn't about child support, but rather about the 1st Amendment and whether or not some of the things Jesse at Immoral Minority has learned can be published because of the confidentiality agreement(s) Levi signed years ago.

    1. Hi, 2:41 AM

      The GoFundMe account was set up in Sunny's name. Many reasons were given why they needed help. It was for lawyer's cost, all the "supposed" back child support Levi owed and other bills.

      The money went to Sunny. Did she use it to pay lawyer's fees and back child support? Who knows. She did make a post at IM thanking everyone and mentioned paying some bills.

      Going to court is an on-going thing with Bristol and Levi. They've been doing it for years. It creates drama, gives them reason to feed the tabloids and keeps them relevant. Yes, this last issue, according to Jesse, has to do with some confidentiality agreement.

      I've read so many legal documents these two have put out, and it's all bulls@it. Most of the time, they settle out-of-court. It's all timed and coordinated between the two. For years, I've been trying to tell people Bristol and Levi are..."friends." No one will believe me.

      This is conjecture on my part but I believe most of the bloggers know Bristol gave birth to Trig on April 17, 2008, and was not pregnant during the RNC. Three bloggers who tried to look into this were threatened. Two of those blogs are gone. Besides, if the truth came out, who would care about Sarah anymore?

      I'm just biding my time watching Tripp. Why? There's no way to out Sarah because I'm sure she has a b/c for Trig. The e-mail from the S.O.A. told me that. But the Palins don't have Tripp under contract anymore and haven't for some time. They take a child about his size and photoshop an old picture of Tripp's head on it. But, how much longer can they do this?

      Of course, they can probably pay to get Tripp (wonder what the kids real name is), up to Alaska from wherever he is but I'll betcha that'll cost 'em big bucks.

      Tee, hee...

  7. Hey 7:55. I am the author of the 9:11 text. You are correct that I am new here. I do not know what transpired the last 8 years. Just catching up!

    And it was probably stupid of me to ask if the Thurs to Sun was every week. Clearly it's not, as no "working" parent would give up every weekend. (But Bristol doesn't really "work" a 9 to 5 so I thought the Thursday -Sunday every week was reasonable. I see now that she pretends she works.)

    I am appalled at the Court View list of actions. They intimate Bristol was determined to silence the proceedings and make Levi a far-away parent, even though he lived in the Anchorage area.

    It is a real education to see how behind Alaska family court is. Joint legal custody is the default in most states. 50/50 parenting time, even if some of it's with a new homemaker spouse and new siblings, is also favored. But Alaska seems to be behind what other states do.

    Levi just needs to knock out that cs arrears to get a level playing ground. Most of us can tell that the arrears is due to lack of overnights and lack of income correction when his media windfalls stopped.


    1. Hello 9:11, this is 7:55. Welcome. Good luck getting caught up on the latest round of the child custody/support issue. It's been going on for years. Just don't expect to find rational behavior - Palins don't do rational, and contrary to anything Bristol writes, she does not have the best interest of her children at heart. She is the daughter of Sarah Palin; she doesn't know any better.

      We've watched Bristol use Tripp as a pawn since before he was born. It is an especially touchy subject for those of us who understand how damaging all of this is on the mental and emotional well-being of the child. Palins are oblivious to things like that. Levi has been fighting for his parental rights all this time, so he has the sympathy of most of us.

      Sarah's has been trying unsuccessfully to make a celebrity out of her daughter, Bristol, for several years now but it's just not happening. She's tried several roles - abstinence spokesperson, reality show star, working mother (that one always gets a laugh), etc., but she just can't sell that girl. Currently Bristol is hawking diet shakes and t-shirts. Her only steady source of income is to wring it out of the fathers of her children. Bristol is dull, uninteresting, vengeful, mean, a horrible mother and just not very smart. You can see all this for yourself if you watch the series "Life's A Tripp" online at Lifetime. She gets little sympathy here. Or none, really.

      I didn't mean to sound so unfriendly. I guess I assumed everyone knew the whole story. Most of us are old timers here and I didn't take into account that it might be new information to some.

  8. For those who are bent out of shape about Levi and Sunny getting $$$ from the Go-Fund-Me account, get used to it. This is only the beginning. Bristol has USED their son repeatedly, claiming he's out of town when Levi had scheduled visitation with him or taking him out of town intentionally w/o letting Levi know. So you sound a little pissed off because Levi is getting help but I doubt you care about the SarahPAC funds that have been financing the family for years now. Bristol had to settle this case because she doesn't have all that money coming in any longer from the PAC. Most people have gotten wise to Sarah's alleged support of other candidates and question why she's spending tens of thousands on consultants when she doesn't do a damn thing politically.

    There are many people who have taken an interest in Levi and Sunny and it's because they are a decent young couple, trying to do the right thing for their son while fighting against the Palin family and the few people she can still call on to rule for her favor in the AK court system. Many have said they will give monthly to get Levi's back child support paid up and help with his attorney's fees, too. This way, Bristol won't have any hold over him. It won't be long until Tripp is old enough to speak for himself in court and tell the Judge who he wants to live with and I highly doubt it will be Bristol and whoever she is living with at the time. As for Bristol's snarky, nasty remark about Tripp not being Sunny's "kid" it just goes to show you what a raving bitch she is that she doesn't appreciate the fact that Levi married a woman who loves her son and takes good care of him when he's with them. Instead, Bristol would prefer to be jealous and nasty. Good for her, she's got a lifetime of hurt ahead of her due to her rotten attitude and lack of heart.

    BTW, nobody needed to see a court order as Jesse told us what happened and that was enough for everyone involved. He hasn't lied about anything and won't start now.


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