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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

From seven years ago today, Alaska is freed!

At the 1:25 mark she says the D word, DENALI!

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  1. THAT woman is not just an idiot, she is the ETERNAL IDIOT!

    Yesterday poor $arah was whining that her family has suffered shame, abuse, and humiliation because she supports the Retarded Orange Cheeto named Trump.

    Well can I get a hallelujah, what in the effing hell would you expect IDIOT?

    Trump has 3 lawsuit for rape against him right now, and has a trail of broken contracts and bankruptcies.

    He's an immoral, philandering adulterer who pretended to become a "baby" Christian so the evengelicals could soothe their souls while voting for a sociopathic rapist.

    Quitters don't lead, and leaders don't quit, right $tupid $arah?


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