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Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 8th month birthday Sailor Palin!

Happy Birthday Sailor!  We all know you were born on this day, despite your mom insisting you were born December 23.

And see I your mom has already broken her promises to keep your pictures off the internet:

Less than a week after Bristol announced that she is no longer posting photos of her children on social media, she has shared a blurry snapshot of herself posed with her six-month-old daughter Sailor Grace.

The 25-year-old took to Instagram on Thursday evening to post a snapshot of herself squatting down next to her daughter while wearing a red, white and blue baseball cap featuring the American flag.
'Loving this hat #addictedtoetsy,' she captioned the picture, which sees her holding up Sailor, whose image has been lightly blurred. 

Get used to it kiddo.  Your mother is a lying, hypocritical twit.


  1. The child looks as if she is standing up, ready to walk, rather than simply being a baby - held up.

  2. Mommy needs attention, Sailor, dance your dance!
    JUST like her mother.

  3. Nobody gives a flying fuck about that whore and her ugly baby.

  4. Blurring hides the pigmentation. Dakota is being paid to claim someone else's baby.


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