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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Here is another one of the stupidest things Sarah Palin has ever said

From Sarah's Fecebook page

Various surveys are showing immigrants choosing to vote "democrat" because they've been led to believe it means a vote for "democracy."


  1. Exactly what you would expect from an idiot like Palin. Never an intelligent thought will move through that empty chasm from ear to ear. She spews bumper stickers, nothing more. She is dumb, dumber, and dumbest all wrapped up in one ignorant lump of stupidity.

  2. uhmmmm, you have to become a citizen before you can vote. Sarah doesn't know you can't vote until you are a citizen??? Of course she doesn't.

  3. Sarah took that survey at home, that's what the uneducated unemployed unwashed Palins think. She got that bit right.

  4. LOL, truth be told, it is a vote for Democracy. Voting for Republicans is a vote for fascism or theocracy..

  5. But Sarah dear, if an immigrant becomes a citizen, they can choose to vote for whomever they like, just as you can. And darling, a vote for a Republican is a vote against immigrants, women, minorities, education, infrastructure, wage equality, jobs, and a vote for war. So golly, I guess they really are voting for democracy is they vote Democratic. If you had a brain instead of an empty head, you'd understand. But vote Trump. We know your kids aren't even registered, so that will be one Alaska vote for the idiot.


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