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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Sarah do you really want to talk about your family's work ethic?

From Sarah's Fecebook page

Who HASN'T Worked Jobs the Left Feels is Beneath Them? Greatest Life Lessons Are Learned Through Actual WORK!

Absolutely amazes me that the Liberal mindset allows mocking the American work ethic. Belittling an entrepreneurial spirit got us into the mess we're in with dependency on a failed, bankrupt government. Big Government Libs LOVE the cycle of dependency because with it comes CONTROL of those who are dependent.

Good for those who do what it takes to independently make a living. Leftists condemning women entrepreneurs owning their own businesses and parents holding down more than one job to provide for family? It's shameful, Democrats.

I'm so thankful all my kids work AT LEAST one job (most work two or more jobs at a time!), along with furthering their education... they've always worked this way. And I'm proud my four big kids are setting that great work ethic example for their little brother, Trig, who'll also be expected to work because every able-bodied human being is created with unique ability to work. America - we're blessed when those abilities are put to good use; we're lost when choosing not to.

Tell me about the jobs YOU'VE held in order to pay the bills and be productive!

- Sarah Palin

Sarah you and your family have no work ethic at all.  You had to hire a city manager to run Wasilla for you, you averaged hour hours a day at the Governors office, you quit your job as as Governor, you also quit your job on the oil and gas commission.

Todd hasn't worked in almost seven years since quitting his job on the slope.  All he does is carry your purse and play on his snowmobile.

Track has no job and is unemployable due to your enabling.  Never gone to college either.

Bristol claims to work at the Derm office but all she does is show up whenever she feels like it, take selfies and hawk shit like diarrhea drinks and crappy jewelry and clothing.  In seven years all she has done is appear on unreality shows, have Mark Ballas push her ass around the dance floor, and pretend to promote abstinence.  

Willow has worked as a stylist, who knows if it is full time.

Piper can't support herself yet.

Trig can't support himself and never will thanks to your lack of care for him.

Dakota doesn't do anything anymore since joining the Palin kkklan.

Creepy Chucky Jr took an early retirement and tried to grift money for his photography project.

In fact the only one associated with the Palin is this guy who is working 70-80 hours a week trying to pay off the bullshit child support plus interest so Bristol can stay accessorized in $300 sunglasses and Louis Vuitton bags:

And I have no problem giving him a little cash now and then.


  1. Bristol just worked a very hard 5 minutes posing with tea and her husband for money. The next day her idiot husband worked at least 7 minutes posing with his child and a gun for money.

    Laziest family in Alaska. I'm really surprised at Meyer, I thought he was a man but he's really just a Palin. His family in Kentucky must be so embarrassed.

    1. I'd like to know the real story behind MOH "marrying" Bristol; also, too the real story behind Palin resigning as Governor.

      Bristol treated MOH terribly for many months and all of a sudden they are married in secret. All that past, present and future grief just so MOH can act as father to another man's child.

      IMO absolutely nothing is worth joining the Palin clan.

  2. But . . . but . . . but . . . Bristol has at least four jobs . . .
    -- pimping "weight loss shakes;"
    -- pimping "slimming tea;"
    -- pimping "subscription boxes;" and,
    -- pimping a curling iron.

    Sarah works VERY hard at bitching and moaning about every little thing.

    Todd is employed as Sarah's purse-carrier.

    Track's duties as Chief Woman Beater take a lot of time and effort.

    Willow works for minimum wage and tips.

    Very industrious family!!!

  3. The last line of the post is going to make Brisdull's head go spody-splody as Sarah would say.
    "And I have no problem giving him a little cash now and then."
    Gotta piss them off because it is their original shtick to grift.
    Wouldn't it be nice if five years from now, Levi's bank account is fat and Brisdull's is flat?

    1. You should have read the comment a troll left this AM about Levi, not a happy camper. I deleted it.

  4. It would have been so much easier on Levi if he had simply taken whatever 'dills' the paymes threw at him over the years and just walked away, and out of that little boy's life. They were making it so easy to do that!
    But he didn't leave. He has been working his ass off to stay in his son's life. This is time and money directed away from his wife and daughters and don't think bristol doesn't know that. SHe's been counting on that stress to break up his marriage.
    Well, Beefy, looks like they're still together and doing fine.
    Stupid people always underestimate the ones they're preying upon. You paymes rilly underestimated Levi and Sunny Johnston.

  5. Sarah's brother had a recent facebook post that is just as hilariously disconnected from reality as Sarah's.

    Check this out. Is there a Pulitzer Prize for creative writing? Here is just one part of his hot and steaming fecesbook pile (skipping past the haters hate and lamestream media hates beginning):

    "The election day finally arrived and our family gathered together with friends and the McCains to watch the results. When it became obvious that the Obama ticket had won, the mood was melancholy, but surprisingly upbeat. We knew in our hearts that we had put up a good fight and we sincerely wished the Obama administration well. We hoped that the "Change" he promised would be good for our country.

    When Sarah returned to Alaska, things were drastically different. She found herself continuously tied up in litigation over frivolous ethics complaints - something unheard of before the presidential race. At that time, anyone, for any reason, could file an ethics complaint against the governor and the governor would have to defend him or herself on their own dime. When the complaints were finally thrown out by the court, the person filling the complaint paid nothing, but Sarah was out tens of thousands of dollars and lost so much precious time. I remember her telling me that the majority of her time was now spent defending herself against this crap instead of governing the state.

    After much soul searching, Sarah finally made the decision to step down. Her thinking was that Lt. Governor Parnell could step in and carry on her agenda without being under the tremendous microscope she was under. She felt the state was in good hands and that the storm would die down.

    Of course the "quitter" comments immediately began to roll in. All of us that were closest to Sarah knew that her stepping down was the most unselfish thing she could have done. She knew she'd be attacked but she put the state of the state in front of her own legacy."

    1. I thought Sarah returned to Alaska to dill with Troopergate, which was legislators investigating her obstructions and meddlings and organized family vendetta. But what do I now? I'm not her brother like Chuckie dumfuckie.

  6. Oh that's precious, Chuckie. She was so unselfish that she made sure she signed the film act right before she signed the contract for her TV show, so she could cash in on that. Oh, and the book dill. And the signings. And another TV show. And going to LA to sweep up gift bags meant for Oscar nominees, not Piper Palin. And an failed TV show--again. And a failed 'pay per view' internet store. Making speeches for $100,000 plus transportation and lodging, and then being uninvited to the GOP's big parties. What does she get now? $15,000? Twice a year?
    And buying mansions. And getting a TV studio in her 'garage' so she could spew lies on Fox, get people shot, and then cry about being 'a victim.' And fired from Fox. And that PAC. Must be nice to take in a quarter mil and hand out $10,000 to candidates. We all know she didn't run for anything else because then your little family slush fund would be under FEC rules. Cause 'our Sarah' loves the spotlight more than she loves her kids, her health, or anything else. She would rather be flying around the lower 48 giving ha And you a teacher, too. money there, right? Poor kid.
    Gotta hand it to you. You stick to the family version. Unfortunately, Chuckie, we have seen your grifting family in action for 8 years now, and you have all just gotten older and greedier. And more full of crap.

  7. Wonder how Chuckles kids from his first wife feel about their stepmother and how that relationship began--- How do they feel about their dad fucking around with one of his students behind his wife's(their mom's) back? And how does their Jeebus forgive that if Chuckles is even humble enough to ask?


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