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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sarah Palin still has a lot of power in Alaska

As you all have heard Track Palin was remanded into custody for reasons unknown but likely he failed a drug test or got violent again:

Unfortunately the charges are now dropped:

Charge Dismissed by Prosecutor 
Charge Dismissed by Prosecutor Charge(s) 1, 2 disposed with a disposition of 
Charge Dismissed by Prosecutor Charge #1: Originating - AS11.41.230(a)(1): Assault In The 4th Degree - Recklessly Injure 

07/11/2016 Notice of: Notice of: Plea Agreement (Veterans's Court) 

07/11/2016 Motion for Initial Opt-In and Order Wellness Court Motion for Initial Opt-In and Order Anchorage Veterans's Court 
Attorney: Fitzgerald, Kevin T (8711085) 
Filing Party: Palin, Track 
Case Motion #3 

07/11/2016 Order Granting Motion Order Granting Motion 
Case Motion #3: Motion for Initial Opt-In and Order Anchorage Veterans's Court

Gee I wonder who made a phone call and threatened the judge?  Probably Sarah.

However Gino's text here confirms what happened that night in January:

The internet is forever Sarah.  Remember that.

And to top it all off Sarah and Bristol had to financially ruin Levi and Sunny as well.  And they stole money from Tripp's paternal grandmother too.

I really think the Palins get off on ruining honest people like the Johnstons and deny justice to women as well.  I am about ready to compare Sarah to Hitler.

As a big fuck you to the Palin kkklan I am reposting the link to Sunny's Go Fund Me page.  I will donate when I can and hope you can too.  I know everyone's financial situation is different, even a dollar will help.

Later this week, maybe early next I am going to post all the text messages between Levi and Bristol that Jesse Griffin from IM posted.  We need to get the word out that Bristol is a certified cunt.  I rarely use the C word, in fact the Palin women are the only ones I call that name.


  1. Well, guess who the judge is that presided over Track Menard's case?! An appointee of $arah!
    I soo wish there was someone up there that cannot be bribed in the law circles! Someone who could bring this judge to justice!

    And yes, I hope that Sunny keeps the gofundme account open indefinitely. I will continue to contribute monthly. I hope, they learned their lesson, though, and keep all their $$ in accounts that are not in Levi's name, and actually get their lawyer to help them set this up. (Here's to hoping their lawyer really IS working for them... :/ )

  2. While Track's release may be a relief to the Palin Klan, let's take a longer view of things.

    Martin Luther King Jr. was fond of saying, “Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” Most researchers believe Rev. Theodore Parker should be credited with formulating this metaphor about historical progress which was published in a collection of his sermons in 1853.

    Since her defeat in 2008, the moral arc of the universe has not been kind to the Palin's.

    -- Books by Joe McGinnis and ???? laid bare the Palin lies.
    -- Bristol's two bastard children and six (or more) trial husbands.
    -- Track's shotgun wedding and divorce.
    -- Track being ordered to have only supervised visits with his daughter
    -- Sarah's serial quitting
    -- The spiraling bankruptcy of SarahPAC
    -- Sarah going from a featured speaker at conservative gatherings to speaking at no-name anti-abortion rallies and high school graduations
    -- The drunken midnight brawl and subsequent release of video and audio of the Palin crime family in action
    -- Her non-invite to GOP conventions in 2012 and 2016
    -- The IM serial release of conversations with Levi and Sunny that reveal the moral bankruptcy of the Palin Klan
    -- The whole Bristol is engaged; no, she's not; Bristol is knocked up; Bristol attacks Dakota on Instagram and Facebook; Bristol marries Dakota.

    While it appears the Palin Klan won this one, let's remember: Track was found guilty, so, he now is a convicted felon. Track is in a rehab routine that has consequences if he does not complete rehab. Jordan is pregnant, which could be a problem for the Palin's. Even if Jordan and Track marry, both of them are hot-headed drunk potheads with guns -- a recipe for future disaster.

    Then, there's the whole Dakota-Bristol affair: Two dimwitted clowns; he's in love with guns; she's in love with Kim Kardashian and herself. They'll provide lots of entertainment.

    So --- while none of us is happy with Track getting off with a slap on the wrist, the Palin Klan will continue their downward spiral, much to everyone's satisfaction and entertainment.

    Of course, the really, really tragic part of this is the innocents who will be hurt: Trig, Tripp, Sailor, and Jordan's baby.

  3. Love you, Old Redneck!
    Respectfully take some exception to 2 things, however:
    It would probably be a benefit to society if T. and J. actually were potheads, instead of alcoholics who party with pills and coke. They'd be more interested perhaps in snacks and hiking in that beautiful Alaskan scenery. Or maybe just vegging out in front of the tv. Pot tends to make ya less prone to violence.And dammit, it is legal in Alaska. Why the hell don't those 2 just smoke some pot and leave the world alone?

    And second:Unfortunately, T won't be a felon, cuz thanks to his mommy getting his case trans. to vet court and a judge she appointed/owns, he will not be actually convicted in a legal sense. Unless this bastard fucks up badly during his 'treatment' he gets to skate away. AGAIN.

    The court of public opinion damned the palins a long time ago.

    1. Yeah, if Trunk completes the program, his one misdemeanor conviction will be expunged from his "spotless, snow-white" record. And if he doesn't complete the program, he gets a slap on the hand with a 180 day suspended jail sentence. In other words, he already got out of everything.

  4. Since the DV charges were dropped does that mean he can do it all over again and his attorney can tell the judge his record is clean and get away with it again.

    1. I'm not a lawyer, but I believe that once his record is expunged, the offenses never happened.

  5. The texts may provide more information about Bristol trying to hamper Tripp's right to time with his father. The only one I've seen had to do with Levi asking if Tripp could spend a special occasion with his half sister. Bristol said "no," because Tripp was "busy," and Tripp wasn't Sunny's "kid." Sounds vindictive, especially if Levi offered to exchange the date for one of "his" days.

    Hopefully the new parenting plan does not limit visitation to times when Levi is home from the oil fields, as clearly Tripp has bonded with Sunny and his two step-sisters.

    But one doesn't need more texts to decipher the following scenario of what really happened. I'm only guessing based on Court View filings, Alaska child custody and support guidelines, Bristol's tv appearances, and Bristol's book.

    Levi made a Herculean effort to financially support and be an everyday daddy to Tripp from day one. Unfortunately, he was encumbered with antiquated custody and support laws as well as not so great legal representation.

    At least those are my conclusions based on the initial lack of joint legal custody; lack of annual exchange of 1040's and resultant child support updates; Alaska's lack of requiring the primary custodian to submit financial affidavits identifying income, assets, and debts; and lack of a clear-cut parenting plan which assured generous and continuing parenting time for Levi, as well as prohibition and punishment of a sole custodial mother moving out of state and taking Tripp.

    Bristol tried to spin the victimhood story and trash Levi from the get go. Her book and interviews asserted she had her virginity "stolen" by Levi and implied rape as she was "drunk from wine coolers." Her tv show has her asserting Levi doesn't show up to an arcade (he never agreed to it!), Levi is "deadbeat dad," she's a struggling single mom, and she's looking for a new "daddy" for Tripp as Levi just isn't a good dad. All of that has been shown to be false.

    The Court View records show Levi has fought, even while Bristol tried to make the proceedings secret by having the plaintiff and defendant identified as Jane Doe and John Doe. Levi had to file and spend attorney fees in 2014 and 2015 to get Tripp back to Alaska after Bristol just up and moved without any court permission.

    Levi has been caught in horrible catch-22s. His initial windfall incomes from media appearances were looked upon as continuous income steams and were not updated when the windfalls ended. Then he dutifully gets an education and works long weeks to try to keep up to the initial cs amount. But the long weeks of work limit his visitation. Which means he doesn't get a cs discount for parenting time.

    Meanwhile, Bristol receives unreported support benefits in the form of Sarah Pac contributions and plus, Alaska law doesn't require her to submit her 1040s as she's the sole custodian.

    So Bristol can maintain being the primary custodian while Levi can't seek 50% parenting time, as he has to work and his visitation is limited to his days off. The plan and not consider the bond Tripp has with his step mommy Sunny and his two half sisters.

    The only good things moving forward are these:

    Levi will knock out of what is left of the cs arrears within a year, due to those of us who realize what a raw deal he and Tripp got. When that arrears is gone, Levi can work regular hours and get 50 percent parenting time. Levi can get a conventional mortgage and move closer to Bristol's house so 50 percent time is assured.

    Levi and Sunny are not beholden to employment constrictions due to the Palin influence. Not all employers are kowtowing to Palin vengeance.

    Tripp has a loving stepmom and baby sisters who want to love him for who he is. They don't look upon him as a media opportunity or political prop.

    1. I agree with your writing with the exception of Levi working in the oil fields. Don't think he does or ever has. But, Todd did once upon a time!

    2. Oh okay 1:35. I welcome any corrections to what I can decipher as I'm an broad in Utah. I do not know the family. But I do know custody issues.

      At first I was sympathetic to Bristol's "plight" but now see how everything was orchestrated. It was orchestrated to create a "poor single abandoned mother but she's rising above" brand. The fact that she used Proverbs 31:25 just is putrid.

      It's pretty clear Bristol has tried to market a false victimhood scenario from the get-go. What is she - a narcissist? Is she a malignant narcissist? Clearly she's got some sort of victimhood, revengeful and pity-party personality.

      She has no clue as to the long-term hurt she has done to Tripp by denying his right to have a daddy in his everyday life. As well publically humiliating and dissing Levi with false accusations.

      And it's clear Alaska's child support and custody laws need updating.

      Joint legal custody, as well as annual 1040 exchanges, are defaults in most states. Likewise is 50/50 parenting time if the parents live in the same school district. And with 50/50 parenting time, child support becomes more manageable.

      Hopefully, that gofundme link is published every day and Levi can get out of that arrears. And then Tripp can be with his daddy, stepmommy, and step sisters 50 percent of the time.

  6. Palin - nor any of her offspring, or the medal boy, will ever be elected to any governmental office in Alaska.

    The only thing still going for Palin is the fact she is connected to some in law enforcement throughout Alaska - via appointments (judges), etc. she made while quitter governor.

    She and her family members have done many 'against the law' things in Alaska that the majority throughout the state are aware. Plus, Sarah and Todd are unethical as can be! Ask government officials that were around when the two were co-governing the state for the two years before she made her 'quitting' speech in Wasilla!


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