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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sarah's house is still on the market

This is the house in Arizona that she hasn't sold yet.  With Sarah,Pac drying up she better sell it soon.


  1. This link is long -- I hope it shows up so readers can click on it and read the history of 29005 N 82d St., Scottsdale.,-111.392785,33.427429,-112.285424_rect/10_zm/2_p/?3col=true

    221 days on the market. According to the PRICE/TAX HISTORY, on June 26 someone made then withdrew an offer to buy the house.

    According to the NEIGHBORHOOD: PINNACLE PEAK information, the median price of houses in the neighborhood is around $775,000 -- making Sarah's house 200% more expensive than the rest of the neighborhood.

    While it's possible the Palin's paid cash for the house thereby not having a monthly mortgage payment, they still are paying: insurance, upkeep, repairs, security, utilities, and the like. The house has got to be sucking cash out of the Palin bank accounts.

    1. Need a 10 Commandments monument in the front yard. Praise Jeebus!

  2. $775,000 x 100% = $775,000

    $775,000 x 200% = $1,550,000

    $775,000 x 300% = $2,325,000

  3. The property is garish, period, and "$arah Palin slept here" is certainly not a selling point.

  4. Perhaps if she would erect a statue of limitations as an ode to fiscal conservatism in the front yard..........

  5. Palin has way over-capitalized that dump, throwing away good money after bad right after she paid for the previous owner's renovations.

    IMO she should keep it until Piper graduates from manicure school.


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